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Hi, I'm Tyson Franklin and I help business owners in the health industry put money into their bank accounts by designing marketing strategies that work.  


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It's No Secret...There's Money in Small Business

In life, we make a lot of decisions that can sometimes seem insignificant at the time, yet years later we realise that one defining moment was pivotal in changing our lives, and changing it for the better. 

Purchasing It's No Secret...There's Money in Small Business, could be that pivotal moment.

This book is not just about making money; it's about showing you the steps required to have a successful small business and also the person you need to become to have a small business with flourishing profits.

Over 30 years in banking and financial services, I have seen many small businesses come and go. The successful small businesses have strong systems and a positive and structured approach to success in both life and business. Where do you find details of such systems and the approach to small business success?  I highly recommend Tyson's book for any person looking to get into business. It will be a welcome guidebook on what it takes to be successful in small business.

Dr Pasquale Franzese
Senior finance professional and fund manager

Available at AMAZON, BOOKTOPIAiBooks, Book Depository and all Australian Bookstores. 

Here are 4 Things An Entrepreneur Should Do Next?


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Success is just a decision.  

Having a successful small business is not a final destination. It’s not something you set up once, and then idly sit back, put your feet up, and do no further work.

Instead, it’s something you must keep nurturing, and if you’re a real entrepreneur, you wouldn’t have it any other way, because you love the challenge, and because building a small business is fun.

Yes, I’ll repeat that…Business Is Fun.

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You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. - JIM ROHN

You should be the person everyone wants to hang with, and the only way to become that person is by associating with others with a similar mindset. 

What do they read and listen to, and what type of events do they attend? Answer this question, and you'll be successful.  

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