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If you’re here to grab a few good ideas, that’s perfectly fine, and I do hope you find what you’re looking for, but please come back as I will be adding FREE stuff on a regular basis, however if you’re here to seriously learn more about marketing, patient attraction & retention, and operating an awesome podiatry business, then you’re the person I wanted to reach, and I’m so glad you’ve found my website.

I absolutely love running my podiatry business and nothing gives me more pleasure then sharing what I’ve learnt.

Tyson E. Franklin

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Have You Got That Entrepreneurial Itch?

In life, we make a lot of decisions that can sometimes seem insignificant at the time, yet years later we realise that one moment was life changing.

Being here, right now, could be that moment.

When you have that entrepreneurial itch, it needs to be scratch, and if you’ve read my book, It’s No Secret…There’s Money In Podiatry, it’s probably only just scratched the surface, and now you're looking for more.

Well, this is what this website was designed for…to give you more, and to help you scratch that entrepreneurial itch, however let me warn you from the outset…once you start to scratch it’s really hard to stop, because it feels ‘soooooo good’ when your podiatry business is booming and making money.

So Here’s 3 Things A Budding Entrepreneur Should Do Next?


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Having a successful podiatry business is not a final destination. It’s not something you set up once, and then idly sit back, put your feet up, and do no further work.

Instead it’s something you must keep nurturing, and if you’re a real entrepreneur, you wouldn’t have it any other way, because you love the challenge, and because building a podiatry business is fun. Yes I’ll repeat that…Business Is Fun.

If your podiatry business is not fun…then let me help you. Register for my Newsletter, read my Blogs and attend an Upcoming Event.

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