163 - Paul Griffin Diversifying Outside of Podiatry


Paul Griffin is an outside-the-box thinker and believes the skillset we possess as podiatrists is unique and can be utilised in many areas. 

Paul graduated from Curtin University, Western Australia, in 1998. He ran two podiatry businesses, each with a different clinical focus and in 2009 decided to move away from clinical podiatry to explore a diversified career.

Paul currently splits his time running the education site Bartold Clinical and is a director of Osaka Footwear Singapore. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Results based practice.
  • The credibility we have as podiatrists.
  • Footwear innovations and trends.
  • Building shoes for Osaka Footwear leading up to the Tokyo Olympics. 
  • Podiatrists are the ultimate footwear reviewers because we see how the shoe performs with patients (the end-users).
  • Reading the play and learning where to position yourself.
  • Part-time podiatry is a real opportunity. 

Final Tip

Buy yourself some time to do other things, which means making sure you have time in your schedule to make sure it happens. If you try and add it on top of what you're already doing, you’ll burn out. 

Explore what your character is looking for. It could be art, business or other projects, and then make sure you position yourself in that community to have those worthwhile, weighted discussions.

Always surround yourself with people that will bring the best out of you.

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You can also connect with Paul via the Bartold Clinical website. 


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