12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot

Suitable for all Podiatry Business Owners

Please, don't make the mistake of thinking you're too good to join this group coaching program because there could be podiatrists in the group with less experience than you.

As Julie Roberts said in Pretty Woman, 'Big mistake. Big. Huge."

I've been running podiatry businesses for well over thirty years and I can honestly tell you that I always learn something new when I talk to a recent podiatry businesses owners and their enthusiasm is infectious. 

"Every person you meet knows something you don't know. The sooner you realise this the better podiatrist you will become."  

Create A Thriving Podiatry Business

If you want to create a thriving podiatry business that makes you smile, gives you a life and puts money in your bank account, you've got to work on all four pieces of the podiatry business puzzle.

In this 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot group coaching program, I will be showing you exactly how to achieve this. I'll teach you why you need to be happy, the importance of creating a life and why it is great for everyone when you have a lot of money in your bank account.  

Four Pieces of the Puzzle

Marketing your podiatry business without having SYSTEMS is a great way to lose money and quality patients. However, having great marketing and systems will still only take your business so far. 

You must also have a well-trained, enthusiastic, like-minded team, one that makes your life easier, not harder, and your appointment book must be structured in a way to maximise your efficiency and profitability. 

We're Booked Out 

Whenever I hear someone say that they are booked out, two, three or four weeks in advance, what I'm really hearing them saying is, "I don't know how to structure my dairy properly".

Having a jam-packed appointment book sounds good, but I reality, are you missing out of some great opportunities? And, are you booked out with the type of patients you want to see? 

“Tyson walks you through step by step the fundamentals of business structure.  He makes it easy, he makes it fun, and you leave every week laughing with the others in your group and wanting more!” - Carly O’Donoghue, Stepping Out Podiatry 

Next Program Starts

Wednesday the 16th Sept. at 5.30 pm, AEST (8.30 am UK) - Numbers are limited. 

If you want to secure your spot I would suggest you keep reading and then click on the YES I'M IN button below and choose your payment method. 

It's Not For Everyone

If you know you're a couch potato I wouldn't join this group coaching program because it will be a waste of money and you won't get anything out of it. 

But if you're prepared to a little extra work each week, and have a real desire to improve the profitability and efficiency of your business, and provide a better working environment for your team, then I think you will really enjoy being part of this 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot. 

What Do I Get For My Money?

  • 12 x 1-hour weekly Zoom Meetings: All meetings are recorded and uploaded to a private Facebook Group, so if for some reason you cannot make a scheduled meeting you can catch up with the recording. 
  • Weekly Q & A session via Zoom 
  • Templates & Frameworks: As we work through each session, templates and frameworks will be uploaded to the FACEBOOK GROUP. 
  • Unlimited email questions during the 12-weeks program
  • Video tutorials are created for common group questions 
  • Upon completion - Invitation to Podiatry Spartans Club

What's Covered Over The 12-Week Program?

  • Creating a Winning Team Culture - Yes, even if you're a solo practitioner you still have a team. 
  • Systems and Frameworks - There is a difference in how these are used. 
  • Developing the Patient Journey - It starts much earlier than you think
  • Developing the Treatment Journey - This is different from the Patient Journey. 
  • Developing your Reactivation System - Examples will be provided.
  • Developing your Recall System - I will show you my 6-Step Recall Process. 
  • Identifying Incomplete Treatment - This is where a lot of money is lost.
  • Who is your Ideal Patient - This is where your marketing starts.
  • What is Niching - It's different from Target Marketing.
  • Pre-framing Your Conversations - Selling without selling. 
  • Developing your marketing strategy - Understanding that strategy and tactics are different 
  • Creating a Yearly Marketing Plan - This is your roadmap for the year 
  • Developing a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Marketing Plan
  • Understanding and Protecting Your Brand 
  • The Six-Pillars of Marketing & How To Use Them 
  • Your Social Media and Online Footprint
  • Website Tips For Engagement 
  • and a whole lot more

It's a pretty extensive 12-Week program and feedback from the previous group members have been extremely positive. 

I Don't Do Boring

I am a firm believer that business and the work you do each day, should be both rewarding and fun, not boring. 

Therefore, you need to be prepared for some laughter as we move through each session of this 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot, and also be prepared for some applicable takeaways that you'll be able to implement into your business immediately. 

Enthusiastic Like-Minded Podiatrists

This 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot will also give you an opportunity to network with enthusiastic, positive, like-minded podiatrists that are action-takers like yourself. 

And don't be surprised if you develop some long-lasting podiatry friendships, which is so important when it comes to your career development and podiatry journey.  

It's Only $1499 (AUD) 

This 12-Week program is only $1499, which is an absolute bargain, however, if you think $1499 is too much money, you need to change your mindset.

I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE that if you do not think this 12-week group coaching program was a great investment, I'll give you back three times the money you invested ($4497), that's how confident I am you're going to enjoy this program and implement what you learn into your podiatry business. 

There's no fluff, smoke and mirrors or BS in this program.  

Payment Options

All payments are processed through PAYPAL and you have the choice of making one payment of $1499 or you can choose to do three payments of $599. 

I am flexible, so if you don't feel comfortable using PAYPAL, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com and we can make other arrangements. 

The Next Step Is Yours 

It doesn't matter if you're about to open your first podiatry business or you've got multiple business locations, I know this 12-Week group coaching program will give you the boost you've been looking for. 

So all you have to do now is make a decision and click on the appropriate YES I'M IN button below. 


My Final Message

I've been growing podiatry businesses myself and helping other podiatrists for over 30-years and the secret is to not overthink...just take action.  

After opening, selling, taking over and relocating well over 20 podiatry businesses, and at one stage operating five podiatry business 1800 kilometres apart, I learnt it could not have been possible without developing great systems back by a well thought out marketing strategy.

I know precisely what it takes to create a successful, thriving podiatry business and as a presenter and business mentor, I plan to help as many podiatrists as I can achieve the same results.


Video Testimonial 

Lindsey Ebbs from Lindsey Ebbs Podiatry, UK, has just recently completed the 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot group coaching program and she has been kind enough to share her thoughts on this short three-minute video.