162 - Lessons From the Pandemic with Dr David Weiman

Dr David Weiman is a psychologist and president of Weiman Consulting, a leadership consulting firm in Philadelphia. In this episode, we discuss lessons learnt so far from the pandemic and how we can use this information in the future to make better business decisions. 

Three Big Questions

  1. What did organisations learn about individuals during the pandemic?
  2. What did individuals learn about organisations?
  3. What did individuals learn about themselves?

 Things We Learnt

  • Who stepped up and who didn’t step up under stress?
  • Exposed people who were not carrying their weight when working remotely. 
  • Some people were not able to adapt.
  • Which team member shad aligned values with the business and became more patient-focused.
  • It showed which companies looked after their team 
  • Likes and dislikes of individuals. 
  • How much time was wasted by meetings?  
  • Couples handled isolation differently. 
  • Slowing down helps create sticky relationships. 

Time to Journal and Take Notes

What are your takeaways so far? Everyone should be recording in a journal what they have learnt, and it should be updated monthly. 

The pandemic gave people an opportunity to ask themselves, what do I really love, miss and need in my life?

And, how does it feel when you don't have to do something? Therefore, only do things that make you happy; stop doing things not out of a sense of obligation. 

Slow down to speed up. That’s where connections happen. 

Final Tip

Write down the things you did to get through the toughest times, especially the isolation. Write down the steps you took and if you ever get stuck or face another tough time, go back and read your notes. It will help you get through it. 

Who were the key people around you? Your goal is to create an Owners Manual for yourself. 

Dr Dave was also on Episode 64: Finding Your True Podiatry Passion by First Finding Your Purpose, Values & Best Self.

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