010 - Dr Andrew Schneider Running A Successful Solo Practice

Dr Andrew Schneider is the owner of Tanglewood Foot Specialists located in Houston, Texas. He is a solo practitioner who has proven that you do not need to own and operate multiple locations and a large team to have a successful, profitable business. He is also a big Disney fan and manages to visit at least once per year. 

On this episode we discuss:

1:30 - What he likes about owning a well run, streamlined solo practice. 

2:00 - Doing enough marketing versus too much marketing, and how this relates to his perfect patient. 

4:00 - Why content-based marketing is his main marketing tool.

5:30 - How he leverages Pinterest to attract women to his podiatry business and gets over 25,000 unique monthly viewers. 

8:25 - What To Eat Wednesday & Foot Craft Friday's

10:05 - How often you should add content to your website, and the importance of consistency.

"Less content and better information is the key"

12:20 - Why two-thirds of his newsletter has little to do with podiatry. It's focused on his interests, family and life. People want to watch you grow. 

14:12 - Why consistency in marketing and in practice is so crucial to your business. Whether it's how you answer the telephone, or how you treat plantar fasciitis, it should all be documented for consistency.  

16:00 - Why systems are still extremely important for a solo practitioner. It keeps you in check, and if it's in the system, your team will ask why you didn't follow protocol. 

17:10 - Your team has got to feel comfortable to question you, not in a negative way, but based on the systems being followed.

18:25 - Team meetings

20:00 - How one egg cost a restaurant six thousand dollars ($6000)

22:50 - What you can learn from Disney.

23:50 - How to have holidays as a sole practitioner. Time off is just as important as being in the office. 

"When you're planning time off, do not do the math on how much money you will lose by not working. It never looks good and does not serve you".

25:25 - What the team does while he is away on holidays or at conferences. No matter how big the list, they'll usually only get through a quarter of it. 

Monday Morning Tip

Do not look at your phone first thing in the morning for at least the first hour. Instead, have something else planned to do, (reading, journaling, etc.)

Books We Discussed

The Six Thousand Dollar Egg

The Fred Factor

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