061 - Trevor Prior Making Connections Through Your Career

On my office wall at home, I have a quote that says, "The next connection you make could be the one that changes your life", and my guest today Trevor Prior, Podiatric Surgeon & Director of Premier Podiatry, is a master when it comes to making and maintaining meaningful relationships. And he does it both in and out of the podiatry profession.

Trevor openly admits that podiatry was not his first choice, even though both his parents were Chiropodists. Still, once he understood the potential of this profession, he ran with it and has taken his career far beyond his initial expectations. 

Today we discuss:

  • The early days on biomechanics and developing his bio skills by doing. 
  • How he went down the surgery route
  • Building relationships with US podiatrists
  • Creating patterns in your learning, especially things you often say and do.
  • Different people come to education at various times

"Just cause you haven't passed an exam doesn't mean you're no good at the subject. When you love it enough, you'll do the work until you get it". 

  • Attending McDonalds University before the London Olympics
  • The importance of maintaining the connections you make throughout your career. 
  • Seeing the world because of good connections
  • How to make initial connections when you're visiting an area. 

Final Tips

  1. Anatomy, anatomy, Anatomy. You can't make a diagnosis without knowing your anatomy. Without a diagnosis how can you treat someone
  2. The basis of what we do, irrespective of your personality, is if you're an excellent clinician, then you will be successful. Still, you can't be an excellent clinician if you don't do a proper examination, come up with a diagnosis, and then give them the best evidence-based care you can.
  3. From a podiatry perspective, enjoy it, make contacts around the world and go and visit people.

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Trevor Prior at Premier Podiatry

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