055 - Amy Maclean Finding Your Podiatry Gang

Amy Maclean is one funny podiatrist and has an infectious sense of humour. It could be because she is from Scotland, but I honestly believe it's her enthusiasm and attitude towards work and life, which made her such an absolute joy to talk with. 

Amy is the owner of Amy Maclean Podiatry, and she was the co-host with Dave James (Episode 007) at the OSGO Foot & Ankle Show last year in Liverpool, UK, which is where we first met.  

On this episode we discuss:

  • Studying Pharmacy for two years before studying podiatry
  • The lightbulb moment she knew it was time to change careers
  • Propositioning people to get her first job
  • Getting an excellent business offer from a businessman, but deciding to go out on her own instead. (Great decision)
  • Why you must be careful if you're going into partnership with someone who is not a podiatrist
  • Private practice can be quite solitary with having a gang 
  • Why you need to find your gang that fits
  • Where to find gangs (and mentors)
  • Benefits of workshops and conferences 
  • Embracing social media and why it is a gamechanger (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Benefits of understanding niching down, but you cannot do it overnight, it takes time to implement processes
  • Learning to say NO

Words of Wisdom

If you have your own business, you have to put yourself first sometimes, and you need to be happy. If you're not happy you need to make a change in what you're doing each day. 

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