049 - Andrew Van Essen Volunteering Is A Great Career Move

Andrew Van Essen is a Podiatric Surgeon based in South Australia, and he has visited Japan over thirty times, Vietnam more often than most and has travelled extensively around the world spreading the podiatry message.

Travelling abroad didn't happen by accident; doors to the world opened through volunteering. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • His early career and graduation with two previous Podiatry Legends guests, Simon Bartold and Ted Jedynak. 
  • His path into surgery
  • In business you are going to make good and bad decisions - "Goodwill is not something you buy, it's something that is handed over to you by the previous owner". 
  • Some brilliant advice from his Lawyer
  • Teaching biomechanics and sports medicine in Japan
  • Judo Therapy 
  • His surgical trips treating clubfoot in Vietnam 
  • Volunteering may not be financially rewarding, but it is very satisfying 
  • Finding a balance between your business, career, and what you love to do. 

Final Tip:

Follow your passion; don’t get locked into any particular area of podiatry. Always look at the bigger, broader picture, not just the here and now. Take a long-term global view with your career. 

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