044 - Your Mindset Will Effect Your Podiatry Success with Jonathan Small

Every successful podiatrist, not just in business, will tell you their career and success really started to take off once that made a conscious effort to develop a positive mindset. 

Jonathan Small is a UK based podiatrist and also a previous guest, Ep 006 - Work Smarter, Not Harder. I was privileged to watch Jonathan give an excellent presentation on MINDSET at the OSGO Foot & Ankle Show in Liverpool and I immediately thought, WOW, we need to talk about mindset on this podcast.  

"You can achieve whatever you want to achieve but you have to be prepared to put in the work, and this needs to be backed up by a positive attitude". 

On this episode we discuss: 

  • Why Jonathon decided not to be a sheep
  • Making a 'Positive Mindset' the norm and not the niche
  • Many podiatrists lack mentorship and confidence in their early career, which can lead to the wrong mindset
  • Why it's important for the profession to prosper so it looks appealing to the next generation of kids. 

"Positive changes happen in your career and personal life when you’re mindset changes". 

  • Why some podiatrist use excuses to create a mindset of poverty.
  • Why it's easy to find evidence to back up a negative mindset if that's what you're searching for.
  • You need to get out of your own way. 
  • Enjoying the growth mindset journey and don't compare yourself to others. What you see if just a 'snapshot' of their success. 
  • Working through pain-points in your career. 
  • Team mindset will never outgrow the mindset of the business owner 

Where To Start

First, you need to reach out to others who will challenge you and celebrate your small wins and achievements.

Next, attend conferences and find groups of people that have similar interests to you. 

Attend small group workshops as negative people tend to stay away from these because there's nowhere to hide. 

Read - Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson 

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