037 - Dr Howard Dananberg Pronation Paradigm Shift

Dr Howard Dananberg practised in Manchester, New Hampshire until 2012 when he retired. He has received numerous awards for his work on sagittal plane biomechanics, and he redefined how we viewed pronation. 

Throughout his career, Dr Dananberg never stopped questioning what he saw with his patients, and through his own funded research, he developed the Kinetic Wedge used by Brooks Footwear, and also the VASYLI Dananberg orthotics. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • The early ’80s and in-shoe pressure analysis and how it made him start questioning the status quo and what we believed to be right on podiatric biomechanics 
  • Private practice and funding his research 
  • The moment he started realising that headaches and back pain may be related to gait. "I don’t think anyone is thinking about this". 
  • How the FF drives the RF
  • Metatarsus Limitus, not Hallux Limitus 
  • Pronation Paradyime shift
  • Problems with traditional orthotic design
  • His new company - www.insolia.com
  • Walking is about pulling, not pushing. The body is pulled forward; therefore, the term 'propulsion phase' is wrong. 
  • Saggital Plane Motion. If you only watch someone walk down a hallway, you miss so much. 

Final Tip (38:40)

When you say 'aha' I’ve got it, you’ve just shut your mind off to all the other possibilities that might exist down the road.

But if you say 'oooh', that's one way, you’ve opened your mind up to the many other possibilities and things to be discovered over time. 

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