029 - Joseph Frenkel Making Wound Care Exciting

Joseph Frenkel is the owner of Heel Me Podiatry & Wound Care, St Kilda, Victoria. He is a La Trobe University Graduate and completed his Master of Science with a specialty in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair at Cardiff University, and his Professional Diploma of Dermatology at Bond University. 

If you've never looked at wound care as an exciting topic or area of interest in podiatry, I think you may change your mind after listening to this particular episode. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • Had a passion for wound care, even as a student
  • Almost burning out after five years by not following his passion.
    • The daily ritual of routine nail care, orthotics and ingrown toenails were making him brain dead.
    • Just cutting toenails felt like a waste of his passion and knowledge, but he is not saying this area of podiatry is not essential. 
  • His big reason to start more study was to re-energise his career, he wanted to be doing something he loved. 
  • Studying at Cardiff University: He knew from day one that this was were he needed to be and wound care was what he was supposed to be doing. He also met a fantastic group of health professionals from different professions with the same interests and passion. 
  • Adding a sub-specialty adds variety to your workload and is a stepping stop to other opportunities. 
  • Podiatric Dermatology 

"What got me excited about wound care was the ability to affect change. It has a quite exciting immediacy". 

  • The difference between what we learn about wound care as an undergrad compared to doing a postgrad course.
    • Ability to think critically
    • The undergrad course is just a knowledge dump
    • The postgrad course gives you broader knowledge and hells you make quicker decisions in regards to referrals.
      • For example, not all wounds are not wounds (Venous Eczema)
  • The benefits of good referrals between health practitioners
  • Practice Ready Podiatry - aimed at new grads help them think clinically

"If you do what you love, it creates opportunities, creates business and it creates energy".

  • When you share knowledge, it's like a boomerang it comes back to you. 

Marketing Doesn't Mean You're Selling Out As A Podiatrist

Marketing is an extension of you. If people don't know about you-you cannot help them, and best of all, you have complete autonomy over how you sell yourself. Marketing professionally or unprofessionally, the choice us yours. 

You need to know what you like and what you don't like and then focus on the areas you want. 

It's crucial to establish your identity. Not just on who you are, but also what you want to do. Always do what you like and build around this. It's not about having multiple clinics. 

Where to Get Started With Would Care

  • Upskill yourself
  • Network with others with a common interest
  • Join Wounds Australia
  • Join wound interests groups (Facebook)
  • Do short courses
  • Go deeper with taking on a Masters Degree.  

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Joseph Frenkel on Linkedin or via his website Heel Me Podiatry & Wound Care

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