023 - Tina Rainville Extremes & Efficiency

My guest today is Tina Rainville from Ontario, Canada, and on this episode, we talk about living and working in remote Northern Ontario. The weather conditions can be extremely harsh during winter, sometimes dropping to minus fifty degrees Celsius (-58 F), which is hard to imagine. 

Living in such a remote area, where many patients of her patients are travelling hours to receive treatment, has taught Tina the benefits of running an efficient clinic. She currently owns and operates Rainville Health with her husband Patrick who is also a Podiatrist. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • Why Chiropody is used in Ontario and not Podiatry.
  • Common foot problems seen in cold climates
  • Foot injuries related to ice-skating, snow shovelling, kicking ice and designing orthotics for Ice Hockey 
  • Outreach Diabetic Clinics
  • Why treatment must be made convenient for your patients 
  • The benefits of running an efficient clinic. 


The 5-Level Treatment System is one of the best treatment systems/ideas I have heard of in years. Patients feet are giving a ranking from one to five, and this ranking system helps determine their fees they, and who should provide the treatment. 

For example, patients scoring four or five will be treated by the podiatrist, whereas the Footcare Nurse may treat patients with a one to three scores. 

Patients are rewarded for looking after their feet, and this is an excellent motivator for long-term patient compliance and better foot health. 

Parting Advice

Be the Podiatrist in your clinic and stop doing everything else. Delegate all the tasks you should not be doing. By maximising your efficiency, you can see more clients, and this also empowers your team. 

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com. 

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