020 - Jill Woods Building Practice Momentum


Life should make you happy, and that includes your podiatry business. This is the motto of Jill Woods, the owner of Practice Momentum, and I was fortunate enough to catch up with Jill, in person, on a recent visit to Canberra. 

Jill Woods was a UK based podiatrist, and after marrying her husband, who was in the military, she realised the possibility of owning a traditional bricks and mortar podiatry business was no longer an option because they were never sure where they'd be posted next.  

Some people would look at this as a massive roadblock to their podiatry career, but Jill has used it to pivot into a whole new career of helping other podiatrists and other professionals in the health industry. 

On this episode we discuss: 

  • Why mature-aged students studying podiatry brings such diversity and experience to the profession. 
  • Her marketing and entrepreneurial background before starting Practice Momentum.
  • Learning new skills out of necessity. Jill was an early adopter of Twitter and YouTube way back in 2006. 
  • What she learned living in Pakistan.
  • The benefits of focusing on one new skill at a time. You don't need to become an expert. 
  • The power of niching down her coaching focus. 
  • Social Media 
  • What is Practice Momentum? 
  • The Sombrero Club - An Online Community Group.
  • Helping podiatrists develop a happy practice. Adding a little bit of "Woodsiness". 

"Marketing is so ethical because you have the skills people need. You're transforming lives and giving them back a quality of life".

  • Selling is helping
  • The power of the ripple effect. The impact we can have on people's lives.
  • Why it's important to bring in your personality to your practice and to be uniquely you.
  • Being authentic - Be you and run your business as you. 
  • Be happy in your business. You owe it to yourself

"Make the practice part of you to create an authentic culture in your business".

The Dream Patient 

When you know your ideal patient, the dream patient, you need to target all your marketing to that one patient.

Your blog articles, website design and colours, the photos you use all need to have your dream patient in mind. If you target them, you will attract your dream patient.

Monday Morning Marketing Tip

Claim your Google My Business page and claim your Bing Places page and add engaging content on those two places.

Why BING? Bing uses Amazon's Alexa, so if you do not claim your business places page on BING, Alexa will not recommend you. 

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.comor you can connect with Jill Woods  at http://www.jillwoods.com/ 

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