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At thirty years of age, Kristi Boles had the world at her feet. She was married with children and was running nine successful podiatry practices in Victoria, Australia; however, her health took a sudden downward turn resulting in heart surgery and a very long lay off from running her businesses. She was also diagnosed with Marfan's Syndrome. 

On this podcast episode, Kristi openly talks about her sudden, unexpected health issues and also how she has transformed her own life, and that of her patients by being more aware of the fundamentals of healing and good health. 

Taking Wednesday's Off

Kristi takes off every Wednesday to rejuvenate, work on her business, with her team member and focus on business mentoring. She gets excited on Tuesday afternoons knowing she has the next day off. 

Previous guest, on Episode 003 - Peter Wishnie calls this his Rainmaker Day. 

Marfans Syndrome & Dissected Aorta

She was running nine podiatry businesses and working full time herself, which lead to burnout and aorta dissected. This health scare began her journey about better health and bringing this knowledge into practice.

When you have a health scare, you get a whole new perspective about being a mother, a wife and a business owner. It doesn't take long to work out your priorities. 

This was when Kristi decided to consolidate her businesses and integrate nutrition into her life and businesses systems.  

It's All About Good Communication

After her doctors gave her the all clear to go back to work Kristi realised they never listened to how she was feeling.

Yes her heart was fine, but no one asked about her diet and overall health and wellbeing. She was not drinking enough water, had high stress, and even though she was eating well, she was missing the fundamentals of good health. 

She had migraines, fatigued, no energy to last the full day and needed an afternoon sleep. 

With good communication, you can set better treatment plans, and after listening to your patients, you will also know if they are capable of doing it.

Journey of Self-Education

So many people with chronic problems:

  • Don’t have resources

  • Do not understand the fundamentals of healing

  • Need assistance in making better decisions themselves

This is why Kristi started Allied Wellness - Fundamentals of Healing.

It is a tool for practitioners to use with their patients and it's an evidence-based program, and it stays within the scope of practice. It's used as:

  • A screening tool

  • Patient education booklet

  • Patient diary

  • Patient referral tool

  • Resource library

If you're interested in using the program use Promo code PODLEGENDS discount

As health practitioners, we’re all singing the same tune, which is why we all need to be working together for the patients' benefit. It shows we care. 

Keeping Patients Accountable

When you check in with your patients about their hydration and diet, it will make them more conscious, and they will make an effort to do the right thing and improve. It's about empowered patients.

Patients will start making the decisions themselves and success leads to more success. It also has a mirroring effect; we become that role model as well. 

Number One tip

Truly listening to your patients is where it all starts. They know their body better than you, but it begins by asking the right questions. 

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You can also contact Kristi Boles at Allied Wellness and don't forget the PROMO CODE - PODLEGENDS. 

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