004 - Simon Bartold Developing A Career In Biomechanics And Footwear

When you think footwear and biomechanics Simon Bartold's name should immediately spring to mind. He has worked with elite athletes for more than three decades, been to four Olympic Games, lectured in 42 countries, worked with Asics for 20-years and was head hunted by global footwear company Salomon to head up research, design and development of their road running range. 

Simon explained that he worked with some of the best sporting clubs and sports practitioners after graduating, and he did this for almost 15 years before he was paid a cent, it was all done for FREE. But as he puts it, you cannot put a price on the experience he gained.

"If you want to learn be prepared to do it for nothing, that's just the way it works". 

Opportunities Arose

If you're passionate and have a mindset for wanting to learn more doors will open for you. It was through the sporting connections he made that he was offered to be the podiatrist for the Adelaide 36er's. 

Once the doors opened more and more, opportunities arose. Not too long afterwards Simon was offered a position with Asics after he became quite vocal about how poorly constructed footy their boots were. 

Message For Students & Recent Graduates

If you're a student or recent graduate you need to grasp the concept that it takes time to develop your skills, and even longer to develop relationships that will open doors. You've got to play the long game. 


If you have an interest in a particular area of podiatry you need to start upskilling in that area and make an effort to learn more than anyone else. Over time your knowledge will become superior to other people, and you will be noticed, and invitations to speak will come your way, opening up even bigger doors internationally. 

Staying Motivated

Simon has never had a problem getting out of bed on a Monday morning because he loved what he did each day. 

"Don't focus on making money, instead focus on being better and the money will come". 

If you have any questions about this podcast, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can contact Simon Bartold through his website Bartold Clinical. 

Simon has also teamed up with Ultimate Podiatrist to run a full day event called Athletic Footwear - The Masterclass, being run in March in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. (No dates set for Brisbane, but if enough people ask Simon to run one he will). 

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