250 - Connect With Your Community with Prosper Taruvinga

If you want a successful podiatry career, stop investing heavily in social media and instead connect more with your local community. Being seen and heard in your community is a far better career investment. 

Prosper Taruvinga is a digital marketing strategist who you would think would be telling everyone to be on as many social media platforms as possible, yet, in reality, he says the exact opposite. 

We Are Lab Rats

Social media algorithms are constantly changing, and we are lab rats. Sometimes their changes work in our favour, and others can be catastrophic. 

You do not own your social media platforms, you're just borrowing them, and they can remove you without any notice; therefore, you should create content and post it to media outlets you own, such as your website or even a podcast. 

Where to Start 

Instead of randomly posting on social media, hoping to get a like or comment, write content for what people are searching for online. When patients search for a particular problem and your information shows up consistently, they will contact you. 

An article read by ten people in your area is far better than a thousand likes on Facebook from the other side of the world. 

Where Does Google Get All Their Information From? 

They are not creating it themselves; they get it from everyone's websites. So basically, Google is simply optimizing the information presented to them; therefore, creating good information is a must-do. 

Stop Wasting Time in Line

How often do we see people standing in a long line checking their Facebook and other social media pages? It is a total waste of time. An alternative would be to talk with the people around you or use your time to return a phone call. 

Few Emergencies

Most foot pain is not an emergency, so people start searching for it only after they've had the problem for a period of time. You need to create the content, be part of the journey, and walk alongside them. 

"We get paid in direct proportion to the value we bring to the marketplace." - Prosper Taruvinga. 

Social Media is an enhancement of what you've already created; it's an accessory to your main content that sits on your website. Having a great website is non-negotiable, whereas social media is something you can go without and still survive. 

Drive people to your website, not to your social media pages. 

If you want to connect with Prosper, search for Prosper Taruvinga, and he's easy to find; he also has a podcast called the Online Prosperity Experience, which is a 30-minute daily podcast. 

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