Episode #7 - Uncomfortable Is Ok with Chris Desmond

Chris Desmond is the host of a successful podcast series titled Uncomfortable is OK. In this series Chris chats with people who have done some amazing things, or had unique ideas that have taken them out of their comfort zone, and by doing this they have become much better people.

I’m sure after you listen to this interview with Chris you’ll be tempted yourself to become uncomfortable more often and like Chris and I, you’ll understand that uncomfortable is ok.

Topics Covered in this episode:


Social Media

Why connecting with people on social media is such a good idea. We agree it can be very uncomfortable trying to connect with a complete stranger on social media, but it’s also very worthwhile and rewarding.

Chris Desmond is the only person I know that has his own podcast series, yet does not own and operate his own business. He still works as a Physiotherapist for someone else and this is quite unique, however it’s also a sign that Chris started his podcast for all the right reasons.

It’s easy to be average

Chris could have stayed in his comfortable role as an employee, however he pushed himself and got uncomfortable by starting a Masters of Management. This opened his mind to new ideas, taught him new skills and helped him transition from being just a clinician to a manager.

Chris completed his Masters while still working full-time, which proves if you really want to do something you’ll make the time to get it done.

A Challenge For Chris 

Most of Chris’s podcast episodes run for approximately an hour, but he had considered starting a 10-minute weekly summary of his Uncomfortable is OK podcast, sharing what he has learnt from previous episodes. I agreed it was a good idea and have set him a challenge to make it a reality by the end of 2017. He’s now accountable to us all.

Most successful people agree that:  

1. Everyone that gets uncomfortable also gets better at what they do.

2. Starting something new is the hardest part of the process.

Our brains are programmed for us to avoid danger and to stay safe, however with constant pushing we can increase our area of comfort.


It’s good to have a break from being uncomfortable, however our comfort zone can regress if we spend too much time being comfortable and this can lead to unhappiness.


Chris’s takeaways from interviewing people on his podcast:

  • In life you’ve got to keep yourself uncomfortable to eventually become comfortable.
  • OPTIMAL ANXIETY: Our performance increases to a certain point with anxiety and arousal, however too much and it can lead to overwhelm.
  • Learning new skills in one area (management, podcasting, being uncomfortable) has improved Chris’s skills in other areas (communication as a Physiotherapist)
  • Getting uncomfortable now will pay dividends as you get older and it increases your cognitive skills.

Final message from us both - DO SOMETHING UNCOMFORTABLE TODAY

Chris Desmond can be contacted on:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/uncomfortableisok1/

Email: email/uncomfortableisok)(gmail.com

Website: http://uncomfortableisok.libsyn.com/

If you have any questions about this podcast episode please reach out to Chris, or otherwise I can be contact at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

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