172 - Scale & Grow Your Business with Carey Rome


Carey Rome started as a CPA and advisor to business before starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2005. Today, Carey uses the software and system he's developed to coach and train executive teams to drive growth, add value and scale their businesses. 

Today we discuss:

1) The need for a clear vision. 
2) The need for shared interlocking priorities. 
3) The need for your team to know, it's not about the money.

Firm beliefs that are loosely held

You need to have a firm understanding of the path that you are on, but also not be stubborn to pivot when necessary. 

"The current path you're on does not mean it's a safe path".

What's the worst thing that can happen?

When deciding for change, you need to think about what's the worst that can happen, then:

  1. Build a plan, so the worst thing does not happen 
  2. Be okay if the worst thing happens 

Defaulting to core skills

Many people will launch with a new idea, then go back to their core skills in default mode because there's comfort in that zone. 

Too Metric Driven

Many CEO's and Executives get too metric-driven and lose sight of their vision and their WHY. 

If you want to ignite your team, you need to give them a reason. Your team don't care about making you rich; they want to know they're part of a bigger picture and they're helping and engaging with your customers. 

Standing still is not a plan

Your company needs to grow, and it needs to figure out how to get things done. Maybe it needs to pivot because standing still and staying where you are right now is not a plan. 

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