157 - How To Avoid SEO BS with Nicky Jurd

For some people, SEO means Search Engine Optimism and not Seach Engine Optimisation because they are crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, or hoping their SEO company knows what they're doing and is not taking them for a ride. 

My guest, Nicky Jurd, from Precedence is an online expert, and my goal for this particular episode is to strip away some of the SEO BS. 

On this episode we discuss:

3:05 - What is SEO and what does an SEO company do?

  • Create more traffic
  • Create more sales
  • Make your website more attractive and more relative when people search on Google
  • This applies to product and service businesses

6:20 - A good SEO company will first identify if you’re selling locally or globally and work out what kind of traffic is going to be most relevant

Initially, they need to make sure your website has no technical issues that are preventing Google from getting to every page. They will go through every page and optimise each page for a different set of keywords. 

They will also check the speed of your website. If it is slow, this will affect everything else you do. Speed is a priority to Google. 

10:25 - Tools you can use to test things.

  • Google search console
  • Hubspot
  • Site speed test through Google

Most SEO companies will hand these problems over to your website developer because they need access to the website. So if your SEO company has not asked for your website developer details or access details to your website from you...there's a reason to have a concern. 

" You want to avoid getting a Google Uppercut"

14:05 - Why most SEO companies will get heavily involved in the content of the website. 

Google likes content that is frequent and fresh, and content with a lot of details about the services you provide. 

If you like to write the other benefits of using an SEO company is helping you define your strategy and identifying gaps in your industry that other people are not writing.

They will help you identify areas where can you pick up new businesses.

16:30 - Why you need to remove industry jargon because no one is searching for it. 

17:00 - What you can expect for $500 per month

  • Reviewing text on the website
  • Writing an article or blog post
  • Checking to see if there are any changes in your ranking 

19:35 - You need to know what they are doing to bring in more Relevant Traffic.

You can tell the traffic increase is quality traffic by an increase in sales. 

20:35 - How to find a good referral for a good SEO company who has got good results

22:05 - Should your SEO company be doing your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, designing your website, writing content, etc.?

There are many benefits for looking for Social Media Specialists versus umbrella companies that try to do it all. More than likely they outsource it to third party companies. 


They also pass details about your website to third party companies who you do not know. 

"UNICORNS: It's rare to find a company that does it all well and does it all in house". 

26:25 - Outsourcing is okay until something goes wrong.

28:10 - Remember SEO is a long term strategy, not a short term fix. Allow 3-12 months before you see any results. 

29:00 - If you’re a small company you may be better not to use an SEO company and instead engage someone to help train you on doing it yourself. 

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or you can connect with Nicky Jurd at email/nicky)(precedence.com.au

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