148 - Six Vital Steps Required To Improve Your Public Speaking with Clive Maloney

If you want to be a better public speaker, or overcome your fear of public speaking you need to listen to my guest Clive Maloney as he explains the six vital steps required to improve your next public speaking performance.

Clive is a small business coach and trainer, and teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business and have an impact on the world. And there's no better place to start than improving your skills as a public speaker. 

On this episode we discuss:

3:45 - Why we need to change our thinking and terminology about public speaking. Public speaking is not just a presentation; it's a conversation, and it's better than a conversation - it's a conversation with a plan. 

6:15 - Why preparation is vital in removing fears. You need to plan what to say and then rehearse. 

8:30 - Why do you want to do public speaking? Is it to increase sales, deliver a message, or create a call to action? 

"There is no marketing platform on this planet that helps you build trust and credibility quicker than public speaking"

12:15 - Starting Small: This is the best tip to begin your public speaking journey. Start with a small audience and build up from there.

15:00 - Nerves are normal: Acknowledge the fact that you will be nervous and maybe suffer from imposter syndrome, but you cannot have two opposing emotions so start thinking about the value you're going to be delivering to your audience. 

18:30 - A conversation with a plan:

Think about the audience and where they are right now. Think about their problems and pain points. Think about where will they be by the end of your talk. Script it out. Where they are NOW, where you will take them. 

Regardless of the time, all you need to do is fill in the gaps between the start and finish, whether it's a 30-minute presentation or a full day workshop. 

23:50 - Why public speaking is an emotional journey.

Six Vital Steps Required To Improved Your Public Speaking

As long as you must make sure you've done the preparation first.


To get the attention of the audience, you need to ask three YES questions, and you need to raise your hand high. 

  1. How many here would like to know more about...?
  2. How many here would like to improve their...?
  3. How many here would like to ...?

And then tell a good story that relates to the three questions. 

28:25 B - BENEFITS

What it is they will gain by paying attention to you?

29:35 C - CONTENT

Content is the logic element. Are you going to educate or inform? And always give them far more than they expected. 

ADOV Principle: Always deliver outrageous value

33:00 D - DESIRE

You want to create a desire for them to want to take action to implement what they have just learnt. 

35:15 E - EVIDENCE

You just telling someone it will work is not good enough. You must give examples. For example, 'We've used this strategy here, and these are the results we got, or I used this same strategy with business (X), and it doubled their income. 

Results must be realistic, but you can show a range (25 - 150% improvement). 

40:00 F - FINISH

How you finish the presentation is very important. The whole purpose of your presentation is to lead them to a place.

Your finish must have a clear call to action. Therefore you need to be clear in your mind right from the start where you want to take the audience. 

Monday Morning Tip

You need to have a startup ritual. The Golden Hour: 20-minutes of exercise, 20-minutes of personal development, and 20-minutes of planning for the day. 

"If you start the day strong, the day is that much better".

Bonus Tip

If you have dry mouth gently bite down on the sides of your tongue and it will stimulate your salivary glands

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, please contact me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com or you can connect with Clive Maloney via his website Get Real About Business and via his Facebook Page Earning The Right and don't forget to check out his podcast Get Real About Business.  

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