141- Low-Cost Marketing Idea #1: Coffee Sponsorship

Over the next month or so, I plan to go over some of my favourite and low-cost marketing ideas that most business owners could use and benefit from immediately. I want these marketing ideas to be easy to implement and have minimal financial barriers, so there’s no excuse not to give them a go.

#1: Coffee Sponsorship

1. The Selection Process:

Identify a coffee shop in your area that serves coffee to the type of people you would love to have as clients and attract to your business. It doesn’t need to be super close, but also not too far away.

Before starting this tactic you need to know the type of client you would like to attract, which is called your perfect client avatar, but that’s a whole other topic.

For simplicity let’s say you want to attract more female clients between the ages of 25 to 35 who look like they take care of themselves physically.

2. Ask:

Once you know who you want to target and the coffee shop you know they hang out at, meet with the manager and ask if you can sponsor the first ten cups of coffee for the day, or the first 10 cups after 9.30am, etc.

At $5.00 per cup of coffee, the most you can spend on this tactic is $50.

3. Under The Criteria:

The manager will, of course, say yes, but it’s important that he or she, and their team understand the basic criteria, which was female, 25-35, and fit, and then you need to make it a little more specific.

For example, you may use the above criteria and add wearing active wear, or more specifically it could be wearing ‘branded’ activewear. Depending on the type of business you operate it may be pushing a pram, with young children, or arriving with two or more friends, etc.

Type of business you own will determine the other details you want to specify.

4. Use Business Cards:

Give the coffee shop manager your business cards and when a person fitting your description goes to the counter, and orders a coffee all the manager or his team have to say is: 

“today's coffee is normally $5, but there’s no need for you to pay today, as this coffee has been sponsored and paid by ABC business name”.

When they give the person the free cop of coffee they should also hand them one of your business cards. It would also be great if they could write your business name on the side of the cup.

5. Optional:

You could sit in the coffee shop while this marketing idea unfolds. You may use this time to catch up on paperwork. When the coffee is ordered, the same line is said above, but they also add:

“and the owner of the business is sitting just over there”.

If they look over towards you all you need to do is give a small nod of the head in acknowledgment, but don’t be surprised if a few come over and say thank you.

Because this is such an unusual experience for the coffee shop customer they will talk about it for the rest of the day and if they work in an office you can only imagine how many people they will tell.

No Limits 

There’s no limit to the number of coffee shops you can use, but first of all, I would suggest starting with one and focus on who your ideal client is. You need to get this right so you attract the right people to your business and get the best bang for your buck.

Also, if you plan on using this marketing technique multiple times the coffee shop owner may give you a small discount or free coffee for yourself, so 10 cups of coffee could cost you less than $50, or you may get more than 10 cups for the same price.

Simplicity & Cross-Learning 

Sometimes the best marketing ideas are the simplest ideas and I think this is one fits that category of simplicity.

If you’re a podiatrist, in the health industry or just interested in cross-learning from other professions, check out my new show called the Podiatry Legends Podcast. There is some great information being shared.

If you have any questions on this marketing idea, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, or if you test it, I’d love to hear from you with results. 

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