126 - The Passion Behind Writing with Best Selling Author David Rollins

Regardless of what you do there needs to be passion, and there was no shortage of this with my guest David Rollins who is the best selling author of eleven books, documentary filmmaker and soon to be credited screenwriter for an upcoming feature film. He describes himself as a cynical bastard, but I think this makes him a better writer. 

Today we discuss:

  • His journey from journalist to becoming a professional marketer
  • His prolific book writing skills and his most recent book Kingdom Come, which is the seventh book with action hero and Special Investigations Officer Vin Cooper. 
  • Why your job, no matter what you do ends up like Groundhog Day
  • His first booked was a side hustle
  • How writing changed his life, not financially, but it made him aware of what he wanted to do with his life
  • How the publishing industry has changed
    • It's much easier to now to write a book
    • Much harder to find an audience
    • Writing is easy and fun, but it's about commercial success
  •  Therefore using a traditional publisher gives you access to marketing
  •  When you're writing your book, you've got to tap into the correct audience
  • The USA is the market you want to crack
  • February 2018 Documentary Trial of Midnight Rider - Railroaded In The Deep South, which delves into the conspiracy behind the death of a camera assistant on a 2014 film Midnight Rider about the Allman Brothers. 
  • How his life was in danger when he dug too deep

Writing Tip

If you're going to write a movie script for a feature film, start with the money first. Get funding, then write the script. At present, he is writing a comedy about the whole coffee subculture. 

"Coffee snobs are like wine snobs on crack". 

If you think Trump is an idiot, you'll love his latest book Kingdom Come, but if you think Trump is fantastic, this book will give you the shits. 

Monday Morning Tip

If you want to be a good writer you have to employ all five senses. What is the character feeling, seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting? It makes the characters more real, and there's got to be some conflict. 

Connect with David Rollins 

Website: http://davidrollins.net/
His character Vin Cooper has his own Instagram account if you want to check it out: Vincooper04
You can also order a signed of Kingdom Come

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