How to Be Better At Almost Everything with Pat Flynn

Minimalism and Generalism need to work side-by-side if you want to be better at everything and get more done each day and far more out of life, with less stress and my guest Pat Flynn from Pennsylvania is a repeat offender on this podcast, and he appeared back on Episode 9: Being a Generalist

When we spoke last, he mentioned the book he was in the process of writing, and now it is a reality - How To Be Better At (Almost) Everything

Today we discuss: 

  • Pat has two guiding principles: Minimalism: Working out the shortest path between A and B using a cross-over between effectiveness and efficiency, and Generalism: Being good to great in many things. 
  • Learning anything quickly
  • Stacking your Skills 
  • The 4 R's
    • Repetition
    • Resistance
    • Restriction *
    • Review


If you restrict one area in life or business, you are forced to improve in other areas. Pat gave an example of becoming a better guitar player by restricting the use of his fingers and a better martial artist by tieing one arm behind is back. 

In business, Pat was naturally a good copywriter, and he used this skill to build his business, but he neglected his analytical skills, so he made a conscious decision he was going to focus and improve his analytical weakness and stop relying on his strength. 

The Sydney City Roosters did this recently with their star (and injured) player, Cooper Cronk in the Grand Final. His injury forced them to think a different way and the Melbourne Storm was not ready for this change in mindset. See the story on Fox Sports: Why he couldn't have played the grand final without his teammates guarding his secret. 

Bring Skills Together

When you restrict a skill you were already good at and combine it with a new skill you have been forced to improve upon, you will become better overall at whatever you do. 


Don't let perfect get in your way. If you wait for everything to be perfect, you could miss a lot of opportunities. Done and out the door is better than perfect and in the draw. 


Great is the enemy of good: If you're waiting for that great idea to come before you take action it could be a long wait. You're better to keep applying good ideas, one after another until greatness appears. 

Monday Morning Tip

To be a generalist you need to become a short-term specialist, so focus on one or two things at a time and no more.

But you also need to maintain your other skills in the process but don't try and get better at too many things at once or you will not succeed. 

If you want to stalk Pat Flynn while he sleeps, you'll find him on most social media platforms or at:

HowToBe BetterBook.Com

You can also pre-order his book to receive a ton of bonuses. 

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