Using Audiograms In Your Business with Oliver Wellington from HEADLINER


Using audiograms will make your business and everything else you do, stand out from the crowd, and this is what I discuss today with Oliver Wellington, co-founder of HEADLINER

An audiogram is the easiest way to turn audio into a video, and it can be used on social media and your website. With HEADLINER'S latest update, you can convert a written blog post into a video by creatively pulling out keywords. 

Three Components

There are three components to an audiogram video:

  1. A single image
  2. A moving waveform animation
  3. An audio clip

Headliner Marketplace

If you don't know how to create an audiogram, Headliner can do it for you. All you need to do is provide an image, some audio and they will put it together for you and create a fantastic video. And prices start at $1. 

Just visit

Text & Video

Here's an interesting statistic from 2016: 85% of all videos viewed on Facebook are done with the sound off. Therefore using text in your videos is important, and automatic transcription can easily be done using Headliner

Where Should Text Be Placed In Your Video?

So it's been shown that videos with text are viewed more often and for longer, but where should the text be placed on the video, and does animation make it more or less watchable. This test animation meant the words lit up as they were being spoken, like what happens in karaoke. 

Headliner performed four test videos using text:

  1. Text at the bottom of the video
  2. Text in the middle of the video
  3. Text at the bottom of the video with animation
  4. Text in the middle of the video with animation

The results showed that there was not a lot of difference between 1 & 2. However, they both outperformed 3 & 4.

Why? The most significant feedback was people preferred to read at their own pace, and the words being lit up were offputting.

Audiogram Usage (& Schools)

Audiograms are very useful when it comes to marketing your business. Of course, they can be used on your website in blogs and on all social media outlets that allow videos, but another big user of audiograms and Headliner's App are schools. 

Schools using Chromebooks and basic laptops are usually unable to edit video because their processes power is too slow; however, because Headliner is an online app, they can now edit the video easily. You can do the same. 

Audiogram Video Length

Most audiogram videos created are approximately 30 - 90 seconds in length; however, you can go up to 10 minutes. If you already have your video and you want to edit it, you can upload up to 2 hours of video. 

If you want a blog post uploaded and a video created, 1000 characters will equate to approximately one minute. 

If you want to know more about converting text to a video, you can email Oliver Wellington at email/oliver)( or email/info)(


As mentioned previously, using video is great for a website and your social media platforms. Still, another area you may consider using short videos, only 10 - 15 seconds in length, is in Instagram and Facebook Stories.

These are becoming very popular, and all you need to do is provide the audio, and Headliner can do the rest. They also have a library of stock images and royalty-free music. 

Get It Done

If you're not sure where to begin, go to the Headliner website and start playing around. You cannot break it. 

Adam Franklin (Ep 101) said, 'Done Is Better Than Perfect", so if you're waiting to become an expert before using the power of audiograms in your marketing...stop waiting and do it. 

Old-School Marketing & Promo 

I asked Oliver about his marketing and promotion tactics for Headliner, and he is very keen on using old-school strategies. Just get out there and connect with people one-on-one at conferences, meet-ups and events. 

Nothing beats word-of-mouth. 


Nothing is easy, and half the game is just showing up, grinding it out and not quitting. Improvement comes over time. 

The best way to get new users is through your current users sharing their positive experiences.

If people are not sharing your product or service with the people they know, your product or service needs more work. 

Connect With Oliver Wellington 

You can connect with Oliver by email at email/oliver)( or email/info)( or visit Headliner Home Page.

And don't forget to check out the Headliner Marketplace at

If you have any questions about this podcast, please email me at email/tf)( and if the mood feels right and the moons have appropriately aligned for you, share this podcast with your family and friends, and even better still, leave a REVIEW ON ITUNES.

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