Rise & Grind with Patrick McFadden

Patrick McFadden is from Indispensable Marketing, and as promised on Episode 50, I was going to have Patrick back so we could talk about the subject RISE & GRIND. After listening to this podcast and reading the show notes, I would recommend connecting with Patrick on social media so you can get a regular rise and grind update. 

What is Rise & Grind?

It's about doing what you need to do in the hours you're awake and also it' about staying focused on what is most important. Some people are over-motivated underachievers. They talk about doing 'IT', but they are not prepared to do the work. 

Doing What We Actually Do Is Easy

What you do in your business each day is quite easy, but having that difficult conversation with a client or team member takes a bit more effort. Connecting with someone you don't know at a networking event, or giving a talk in public when you's prefer not to do public speaking, that's the Rise & Grind.  

When you connect with someone you should have a mindset of bringing value.

In fact, you should obsess about bringing value in your emails, webinars, presentations and all face to face meetings. 

Examining The Marketing Place

You must be aware that the dynamics of the marketplace are always changing, and you need to change your tactics with it, but make sure you examine the marketplace first (the diagnosis) before working out the prescription (the necessary tactic). 

Clear Business Goals

When you have clear business goals it's much easier to talk to each department in your business and have them working towards the same purpose. 

For example, if your goal is to retain more clients, you then go to your marketing department and tell them, 'our goal is to retain more clients', and therefore their marketing actions will be guided towards achieving this goal through better retention and recall strategies.

Your HR department also needs to know the business goal. If retaining more clients is the business goal, then retaining your team and making sure they're happy if a priority for your HR team. Operations and your Billing departments also need to be aware of the business goal, as their actions day-to-day will affect the outcome of the goal. 

Clarity is a competitive advantage and will differentiate your business 

Repeat business is directly linked to reviewing results, so make sure you measure what you do and how you do it. 

Time Management 

It's really important to manage your time and here is Patricks three-step process:

  1. Say NO a lot more than you say yes
  2. Use your calendar for all appointments - What get's scheduled gets done. 
  3. Delegate to your team as much as possible, and only do what you like to do

Parting Advice

Make sure you're listening to yourself, and you're building your business on your strengths, not on the strengths of someone else. Meaning, don't mock or copy what others are doing, it may not suit you or your business model. 

And 'GO ALL IN'. Take your strengths and run with it. 

If you hate public speaking, that's fine; you may be better at running webinars or small-grouped workshops. You can always delegate public speaking to someone else in your team.  

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com 

Or you can connect with Patrick McFadden via his website, indispensablemarketing.com or Twitter @patmmarketing and Instagram @pmcfadden7

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