Create A Disaster Folder

Creating a disaster folder is an area I do a lot of coaching around, and it's something most businesses overlook until a disaster occurs. Every business needs to create a DISASTER FOLDER, a place where you store all the steps required to quickly get your business back on track when something goes wrong, and believe me; things will go wrong in your business regardless of how much preparation and forward thinking you do.  

Why Do You Need It?

  1. It's a great training tool for new team members 
  2. It reminds existing team members how processes work and what needs to be done when problems occur
  3. It takes stress off the business owner and allows them to have a holiday in peace

On this episode, I discuss equipment breakdowns, plumbing, electrical, and computer & email problems, but also what needs to occur when a key member of your team fails to show up for work, and you have a busy day booked already with patients and clients. 

Having a disaster folder will help get your business back on track faster and stop your business from losing money. Anything that prevents you from delivering your service or product in a timely fashion is not good for your business. 

What I talk about in this episode only scratches the surface, so please email me if you have any questions or feel you need coaching around this particular area of your business at email/tf)( 


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