Creating A Dream Business with Captain Jim Palmer

Captain Jim Palmer is living a dream life. He works when he wants, and with his wife Stephanie, they are now travelling around the USA in their floating home. They could have kept living on autopilot but chose not to. Jim is the author of seven books and is known as the Dream Business Coach. He also runs a very successful podcast called Dream Business Radio, and I was a guest on episode #294

Just Say Yes

Just saying yes is one of Jim's philosophy's and he believes when you are faced with a challenge you need to remember that you will work it out in the end. You have in the past and you will again. 

Don't Just Take

Jim has a Facebook group called Build Your Dream Business Now, and he loves seeing participation in the group, not just takers. Don't join a Facebook group and be a TAKER. If you participate, you will get so much more out of the group. A Facebook group is not a mastermind group, but there are elements of masterminding. 

Jim also deletes people for non-participation, so don't join if you're a taker. 

Social Media 

Social media is a time-suck, but it is also a necessity. But don't be fooled by numbers, because vanity doesn't buy groceries. What would you prefer, 10,000 book sales because of a smart marketing campaign and no ongoing clients, or only 500 book sales with 200 clients?  

Just because people do not LIKE what you post doesn't mean what you post doesn't have an impact on their lives or touch them in some way. Some people prefer to stay quiet, so keep on posting and don't focus on the numbers. 

The Classroom Syndrome

In a classroom, one person will raise their hand to ask a question, but there are probably twenty more who wanted to but didn't. Social media is the same. People buy when they're ready to buy, so you have to stay in front of them to stay top of mind. 

Momentum takes time to develop, so in the beginning, you may not see a lot of traction with what you're doing on social media, but if you don't stop you will. 

Dream Business

If you're going to start a business, make it a dream business, and a dream business is whatever you want it to be. Do you have an image of a dream business? This is why Jim started the Dream Business Academy to help people create a dream business. 

Jim's dream business has multiple streams of income from the same customer base. You already have the customers and database, so use it, it's far easier than trying to develop a whole new customer list from scratch. 

Monday Morning Tip

Give thanks, you woke up today, and you have the opportunity to do something significant, not everyone gets the chance. 

If you have any questions about this podcast, please email me at email/tf)(, or you can connect with Jim Palmer by asking to join his Dream Business Group on Facebook. I'm a member.

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