Marketing Pillar 1 - Professional Referrers

What is a professional referrer? A professional referrer is industry specific, meaning it is a referral that comes from someone else in your specific industry. For example, in the health industry a Physiotherapist may receive a referral from a GP or Podiatrist, an Accountant may receive a referral from a Financial Planner or Bank Manager, and a Plumber may receive referrals from a Carpenter. 

When you receive referrals, it's important to nurture them by maintaining regular contact because a referral you receive today could be gone tomorrow, but it's not always your fault. 

If you're an Accountant and you've been receiving referrals from a Lawyer for years, and then suddenly they stop, there could be reasons out of your control:

  • A family member has set up an accounting practice
  • A new Accountant has come to town and has done a better job than you at maintaining contact

More often than not referrals are lost because you take them for granted, so here are a few tips to help nurture your professional referrers. 

Top Ten Professional Referrer Tips

  1. Personal Visits: Go and see them one-on-one so they can put a face to a name. When was the last time you did this?
  2. Say Thank you: After your visit, thank them for their time and when you receive a referral always acknowledge it and once again thank them for trusting you.  
  3. Send Emails: An email is great to use because it's fast and you can share information with ease. 
  4. Email Newsletters: Just make sure your newsletters are not boring and all about you. If you want to know how to structure a newsletter properly, please email me at email/tf)( 
  5. Handwritten Notes: When was the last time you sent a handwritten note to someone? It will be noticed. 
  6. The Golden Goose: The Practice or Business Manager of any business is the golden goose. Look after them, and they will open doors for you. 
  7. Third Party Events: You can use another organisations event and use it yourself to market your business and build relationships. (e.g., Golf Day)
  8. Acknowledge Significant Days: Everyone sends cards and gifts over Christmas, and because there are so many, yours will be lost. Save your money and celebrate other days throughout the year. 
  9. Information Evenings: Let them know what it is you do. Don't keep it a secret. 
  10. Scan The Local Paper: Look for new businesses opening in your area and be the first to make contact with them. 

If you apply these ten tips your relationships with your professional referrers will improve. Of course, there are so many more ways to maintain and nurture your professional referrers and if you think you can handle more, please email me at email/tf)(

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