Episode #30 - Getting Stuff Done with Sam Harrop

Sam Harrop is a very successful Business Coach and Mentor and is the author of two books, Getting Stuff Done and Small Business Big Exit. Today we're going to discuss Sam's first book, Getting Stuff Done: How To Procrastinate Less and Achieve More...and who doesn't want to get more stuff done?

To Get More Done

You need to understand WHY you do something, and WHAT it is you want to achieve. Knowing these two things will motivate you to do more than you normally would and it helps you set priorities. 

Half-Finished Projects

People will often have many half-finished projects because they run out of steam. And they run out of steam because there was no real WHY behind their actions. Without a strong why you'll lack the motivation to keep going. 

There is always another bright idea, and people tend to chase shiny bright lights, which is a distraction. Most ideas start out as great ideas, but when the initial excitement ends so will the idea if there's no WHY. It's like reading a book, just because you start it, it doesn't mean you have to finish it, especially if you're not liking it. 

An Opportunity Is A Fact, Not A Reason

Get Clear Around Your Why

As soon as you get clear around your WHY you'll produce a better outcome. Act "As If" you've already done what you want to do, but if it was done, what are the next steps. Before you finish something you need to know what's next or your momentum will stop. 

Reality Check

Understand where you are right now before you put together your plan. Then you can work out your:

  • 3-year vision
  • 1-year goals
  • 90 days projects
  • weekly tasks

List all your tasks, all the things you need to do and put them onto post-it-notes or into an excel spreadsheet and start moving them around in order. Work out, based on your vision, goals, and projects, where each task falls into place. It's at this point you'll realise some tasks are not really that important to your WHY, which is why the NEVER get done. 

Why Don't We Do It

Firstly we don't have a big enough WHY and secondly we tend to make planning a much bigger task than it needs to be. All you need to do is see the big picture. The big picture is THE PATH you need to follow and once you have the path, that's 90% of the work done. Once you get on the path then you can work out the details as you move forward. 

We get caught up in a routine of poor daily habits. We start our morning poorly and the rest of the day follows. 

A Month of Sundays

What would you do if you had a month of Sundays to yourself to get stuff done? What tasks would you do? All you need to do to have a month of Sundays is to get up one hour earlier each day, Monday - Friday.  

Planning & Scheduling

It all starts with PLANNING, then SCHEDULING your key tasks, and there are two tasks you need to be aware of. 

  1. Repetitive: tasks that need to be done on a regular basis.
  2. Once off tasks

In your business, you're going to have CRITICAL DRIVERS and these are repetitive tasks that 'must be done' on a daily or weekly basis. These must be scheduled / Time Blocked in your diary. 

More Freedom

By structuring your days you will have more freedom. For example, if someone wants to meet you at 2 pm, but you can't because you have a task scheduled for that time, this person will change their schedule to suit you because they have no structure.

Key Numbers

Every business needs to have key numbers to gauge and know if they're on track, which is why small things done on a consistent basis pays huge dividends. If you have to make sales calls, how many do you have to do and what is a good conversion per number of calls? 

Each Night

Before you go to bed ask yourself, what do I need to achieve tomorrow? Don't ask what do I need to do. Your tasks must align with your top goals. You must start the day already knowing what you need to do. 

Important Versus Urgent

People say they don't have time to plan, but they have time to fix all the errors afterwards. When you're looking at a task, PAUSE and THINK, why am I doing this? STOP, THINK and ACT. 

Monday Morning Tip

Identify what you need and want and what is the one thing you can do that will move you closer to your WHY. Also do your team know what you want them to do each day, this is critical. 

If you want to know more about the book Getting Stuff Done, or you would like to contact Sam, you can by emailing email/sam)(samharrop.com.au or you can visit his website www.samharrop.com.au  

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