Episode #12 - The Recovery Paradox with Dr. Jesse Green

Dr. Jesse Green is one cool character. He's the only person I know that's spent a week with Richard Branson on his private island in the British Virgin Islands, and in addition to this he's a best-selling author, entrepreneur, thought leader in dental management, business coach and the host of a very successful podcast called The Savvy Dentist. 

In this episode we discuss:

The Recovery Paradox

  • Why some days you don't always project the best version of yourself, which can often be embarrassing. 
  • However people forgive mistakes and errors if you handle it the right way. This is The Recovery Paradox. 
  • If you handle a problem the right way, your clients and customers will become more loyal. 
  • When you meet someone you never know what's been going on in their life, so you must make allowances for poor behaviour, especially when you know it's out of character. 
  • When a problem occurs and if it's handled correctly, the incidence itself is long forgotten, but the recovery will be remembered for a very long time.  
  • When you have a bad day at work, you need to learn to not take it home, and visa versa. 

The Savvy Dentist Podcast - where great business meets great dentistry. 

  • It's important to take ideas from other professions and apply it back to your own profession or industry. 
  • This is why listening to podcasts outside of your industry is so important. 
  • Book Recommendation: Not Invented Here - Cross Industry Innovation. 


  • You need to have strong accountability partners. 
  • You need to have commitment and consistency in everything that you do.
  • "Just getting started is the hard part". - Jocko Willink. 
  • Jesse will have his second book written by the end of 2017, that's his commitment to you. 
  • It's all about creating good daily habits. 
  • "Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinary well". - John W. Gardner.

Richard Branson Meeting - Jesse's Takeaways:

  • THINK BIGGER. Richard Branson never thinks small. You've got to look at things in a big way. 
  • Don't overthink yourself, it slows down your progress. 
  • Look at getting yourself out of your business as early as possible without going broke.
  • Delegate far more than you already do. 
  • Here's the biggest message - ASK WHO, NOT HOW: When you're faced with a new challenge or idea, don't ask HOW to resolve or do it, instead ask WHO can resolve it. This is a different question and therefore giving you a different outcome. 

To learn more, check out Dr. Jesse Green's Website and tune his weekly podcast show The Savvy Dentist. 

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