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Learn From Someone That's Actually Done It

Before I touch on what I can offer as a Business Mentor, I think it’s important for you to read my Blog, What's the difference between a Mentor and a Coach?'. When you understand the difference, you'll understand fully how I can help build your podiatry business. 

So what can I offer you as a Mentor?

As a Mentor, my goal is to take your podiatry business to the next level. What that level is, is really up to you, but if you’re serious about building an awesome podiatry business, not just an average one, then I know I can help you achieve this, because I have done it in my own podiatry businesses, on numerous occassions.  

My mentoring approach is simple and very effective, and I know I can help anyone that is prepared to listen and follow my practical advice. There's no guess work with what I do, it's all based on my own successes and failures, and yes, I have stuffed up a many times, but it didn't kill me and I learnt from it. Experience is a tough and sometimes expensive teacher. 

But this is what mentoring is all about - learning from someone that has actually done what you want to do, and together, taking you where you want to go. 

Are you going to get yourself a Mentor this year? 

I remember my apprehension the first time I engaged the services of a Business Mentor / Coach, not knowing if they could help me or not, or if it was going to be a complete waste of time and money. Fortunately I took the leap of faith required to get started, and I've never looked back. 

If you've never had a business mentor or coach before, you may feel a little uncomfortable reaching out to someone else for assistance, but you shouldn't feel that way. Instead you should rejoice, because you're mature enough to recognise that you need assistance, and we all need help at some stage in our business career.

Being busy does not equate to being productive and profitable. 

The best thing about Mentoring is it's a lot of fun.

Mentoring is not about creating stress or making you feel overwhelmed. You've already got enough of that rubbish in your life. Mentoring should be a worthwhile, enjoyable process, resulting in specific outcomes, skill attainment and a better business with greater profits. This is why I don't mentor just anyone, because it must also be fun for me. 

So here's what you need to do. Read the information below, and if there's something here that suits your current business needs, CONTACT ME

Mentoring & Training Modules: $1650 (Inc. GST) per module

This is ideal for the established business owner that needs direction and guidance in a specific area. 

Further Details  

Long-Term Monthly Mentoring 

Individual mentoring programme designed for you and your business: $1650.00 Inc. GST per month. 

When you see what you get for $1650.00 per month, you will be amazed. For further details please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com or call my mobile 0408 671 966

Let me help you develop a kick-arse strategy, so you can make your business visions a business reality.  

The Orthotic Economy 

Now, if you honestly think mentoring is too much, you need to read Chapter Ten of my book. Once you’ve read this chapter you’ll never complain about the cost of mentoring again. 

You can download Chapter Ten here for Free: The Orthotic Economy, or you can ORDER MY BOOK


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