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About Tyson Franklin

Over the past 26 years I have opened, sold and relocated more than 20 podiatry businesses, and along the way I’ve probably made more mistakes than most. If anyone tells you they’ve never made a mistake in business, they’re lying. 

I’ve wasted money, lost money, and had it stolen by dishonest staff. I’ve employed some awesome podiatrists, and also a few drop kicks, which lost me even more money. I’ve purchased equipment that simply gathered dust, but I’ve also purchased equipment that made great profits. So in summary, I’ve learnt how to build a successful podiatry business, by working out all the ways not to do it.

Who would have thought that error, after error, after error, would equal success.

However, through all these errors, I never lost site of my goals, and I had a ton of fun doing it. In fact I would not change a thing, because it’s been all these challenges that have made my business what it is today and also what has made my book, It’s No Secret…There’s Money In Podiatry, feel so real. 

When I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 1988, I was full of enthusiasm, however, like many podiatrists, I lacked the business skills required for success, so began my journey of self-education, and my enthusiasm continues today. 

As my knowledge grew, so did my podiatry business and annual profits. I was fortunate to win a few business awards along the way, such as the Queensland Telstra Business Award, and I also attained Fellow Membership with the Australian Institute of Management, both pretty cool achievements. 

I’ve been on the Queensland Podiatry Council on two occasions (1989-1991, 2002-2004) and have also run various training courses for Sports Co, Amart All Sports and The Athlete’s Foot, so not everything about my podiatry career has been purely business focused. 

I was President of the Cairns District Rugby Union, and having played a lot of sport myself over the years, it was only a natural progression that my podiatry business took on a sporting emphasis, which is why my business provides the podiatry services for all the elite sporting teams in my area. 

I did look into franchising at one stage, and even took the first few steps, however spending extended periods of time away from my family didn’t sit well with me, so I chose not to pursue this career path. However it was still a very worthwhile venture because I discovered that I really enjoyed teaching and mentoring other podiatrists, and it is now something I want to continue doing.

I would not be in the financial position I am today if it wasn't for Tyson's experience, knowledge and encouragement. He helped guide me through the whole process when I opened my podiatry clinic in Townsville and whenever I came up with grand business ideas, he would offer constructive advice, even if there were no financial benefits in it for him; instead his advice has always centred around what was best for me. Tyson is a great mentor and friend.

~ Hayley Paterson (Foundation Podiatry – Townsville)

I strongly believe that anyone can have an awesome podiatry business if they are prepared to put in the work, but work alone is not enough, you need guidance and education. 

This is why I plan to hold regular EVENTS (Workshops & Seminars) throughout Australia, set up one-on-one Mentoring Programs, organise small mastermind groups, and also hold onsite-training sessions at my podiatry business in Cairns. 

Someone recently said to me, ‘I hope you’re thick-skinned, because now that you’ve written a book, podiatrists are going to be talking about you, and not always in a positive way’. 

My response, ‘I didn’t write the book for them, I wrote it for Podiatrists that want to have an awesome podiatry business one day, so their opinion is irrelevant’.

I truly hope you are an awesome podiatrist.

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