Terms and Conditions

1. Acknowledged by participant

(a) All information including material as referred to or provided to me by the Presenters has been obtained by the Presenters solely from their own experience as business owners and is referred to or provided as general information only, which:

(b) I am not authorised to nor shall I record this event

(c) I acknowledge that copyright and intellectual property rights in and to the information belongs to the presenters or their suppliers absolutely

(d) I acknowledge that this is a private event. Only registered guests may enter the room. Unregistered people will be declined entry

(e) I shall not duplicate by any means whatsoever any of the information

2. Release

I release forever the Presenters from all and any responsibility or liability for any losses claims or demands that may directly or indirectly occur as a result of me using the information obtained for business purposes.

3. Authority

(a) I acknowledge that the Presenters may video, photograph and/or record the workshop that I have attended and I authorise the Presenters to utilise any such photographs and/or recordings in any manner whatsoever.

(b) You agree that personal information provided may be used and retained by Tyson Franklin for the purpose of the marketing of services by Tyson Franklin, its agents or distributors.

4. Refunds

(a) If you are not completely satisfied with any Tyson Franklin event you can request a full 100% refund of your investment.

(b) Refund requests must be made directly to Tyson Franklin and must be made within one hour of the event completion.

(c) If a refund is given all learning materials, books, and gifts must be returned immediately.

5. Cancellation Policy of Scheduled Events

(a) COVID-19: If state or international borders are closed due to Covid-19 and you cannot attend the event/retreat/workshop you will receive a 100% refund. 

(c) No refunds will be given if you cancel your booking with less than two weeks notice of the scheduled event/retreat/workshop date.