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My guests openly share their experiences on what it takes to become a successful small business owner. Whether you're a Podiatrist, an Accountant, a Lawyer, a Carpenter, or a Mechanic, you'll love this podcast.

There are no secrets in small business; the answers are right in front of you, all you need to do is have an open mind and a winning attitude. 

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Latest Episode

Victoria Mavis lives in Munich, Germany and is a professional Magician, speaker, author and small business coach. Using her vast skills of close up magic, large stage performances, illusions and mentalism, she can help small business owners see the unseen and open their minds to new opportunities. You can use mind magic to create the business life of your dreams. 

Making The Impossible Possible (In Business)


I attended a business seminar/workshop in Cairns many years ago and during one particular exercise, we had to write down our financial goals for the upcoming year and also all the activities we would do to make it a reality. After doing this, as instructed, the presenter started messing with our heads and made us add a zero. Listen in to find out what happened next. 

Add A Zero To Your Financial Goals


Renee Hasseldine is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is the author of Share Your Passions. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders to unpack their thoughts and turn them into intellectual property using visual models. Many service-based businesses have value locked in their heads, which is invisible, but if this can be...

Unpack Your Thoughts Using Visual Models


I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’, which means making the most of your opportunities while you have the chance to do so or take advantage of favourable circumstances when the time is right. This phrase originated with English farmers in the 1500’s and a hundred or so years later extended into general life and quickly became a cliché.

Make Hay While The Sun Shines


Scott Ginsberg resides in New York City and holds the world record for wearing a name tag longer than anyone else. He even has 'Scott' tattooed on his chest. He has written 38 books, produced nine music albums, is a TedX speaker and has a game show called Steal Scott's Ideas. I met Scott in 2009 in Cairns and...

The Power Of Name Tags


I’ve had a few podcasts guests over the past month, and we’ve talked a lot about Google rankings, getting on page one and improving your SEO, which when we say SEO we mean Google. I get annoyed, and my guests shared my frustrations when we hear about businesses paying an SEO company every month and not knowing exactly what they are doing for them.

Improve Your Google Ranking With Good Content


Adam Franklin is the co-author of Web Marketing That Works, an Amazon #1 Best Seller and he is an expert when it comes to Linkedin, using video and getting the most out of your social media marketing. He is an expert in content creation, and in 2015 his blog was Australia's #1 business blog, so he knows what works and what does not. 

Why Linkedin Rules Over Other Social Media 


These days there seems to be so much focus on social media, which is why every second person you meet at a networking event is a social media marketing expert. Now don't get me wrong, I agree social media is essential, but I still think there is room for old-school traditional marketing. And the newspaper is one of those...

Why Newspaper Advertising Still Works


Whether you're a Podiatrist making orthotics, a Lawyer writing a Will, a Real Estate Agent selling a house, a Dentist or a hairdresser, we all have units of measure that are worth a particular value. This episode is all about using these units of measure as a measuring stick towards helping you decide whether you do something or not. 

The Orthotic Economy - What's Your Measuring Stick?


Estie Rand is the founder and owner of Strand Consulting, an LA-based boutique consultancy; this marketing maven has hacked the code to closing 5-figure deals using social media. Estie gives her clients - and anyone else who's listening - a piercing clarity on where they can put their best efforts in everything from marketing to staff management. 

Marketing By Zooming Out


Every business wants more A and B clients and less C and D clients, but how do you find them? One of the best ways is to create an internal marketing survey and ask your A and B clients some simple questions. The more you can learn about you’re A and B clients, the more you’ll also learn about where you can find them, and you can use this information in your future marketing, however, there are a few rules to follow. 

7 Tips To Make Your Internal Marketing Survey A Success


Dr James Fedich is a Chiropractor and the author of Secret Of A Million Dollar Practice. He owns and operates a very successful health business in New Jersey, Village Family Clinic, and he is also the host of a podcast called Paths To Success with Dr J.  (I was a guest on episode #22)

Fake Gurus and Client Retention



Today I want to talk about using audio, or more importantly, using audio to grow your business and your brand. This podcast gives an overview of a presentation I did, ‘How To Use Audio In Your Business To Increase Sales & Make More Money.

Using Audio To Grow Your Business



BONUS EPISODE: Today I am joined by Sam Kennis, one of the owners of the Three Wolves whisky bar in Cairns, and we discuss everything from whisky selection, listening to your customers and why it is important to have a well trained knowledgeable team. His goal is to own 20 businesses by the time he's fifty years of age, and based on his current successes I think he's going to make without too much trouble. 

Success Drives Success


Dr Chris Zaino started his career as an Exercise Physiologist in 1998 and in the same year, he won Mr America. He then became a celebrity trainer for the cast of Xena Warrior Princess & Hercules television series. Life was looking rosy, and then suddenly he was struck down by a significant health problem and in a matter of 4-months went from 230lbs down to 158 lbs. By not quitting he went on to owning a huge wellness clinic and winning Mr Universe in 2016. 

People Quit Too Early 


When I owned my podiatry business in Cairns, I decided I was going to open a second location in Mackay, which was approximately 800 kilometres away. The reason I chose this location was that I wanted to determine if my business in Cairns was successful because I had developed great business systems and marketing strategies, or was it because of my reputation as a podiatrist. 

Create A Buzz by Marketing Early


Patrick McFadden is from Indispensable Marketing, and as promised on Episode 50, I was going to have Patrick back so we could talk about the subject RISE & GRIND. After listening to this podcast and reading the show notes, I would recommend connecting with Patrick on social media so you can get a regular rise and grind update. 

Rise & Grind


Today I wanted to discuss the Butterfly Effect, which is the phenomenon whereby a minute localised change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Your business is a complex system, and every member of your team needs to understand how their actions can impact other team members, your clients and the long-term success of the business.  

The Butterfly Effect (& Your Team)


Patrick McFadden is the owner of Indispensable Marketing and today we discuss the importance of effective marketing and how it can make your sales process easier, or harder depending on how effective it is, and why advertising and sales are sub-sets of marketing. Advertising is often confused with marketing because it is the most visual part of marketing, but...

Indispensable Marketing (Tactics & Strategies)


Today I am joined by Dave Frees, and we discuss Force Multipliers, which is a refers to a factor or a combination of factors that dramatically increases (hence "multiplies") the effectiveness of an item or group. In the military, force multipliers give troops the ability to do far more and to be more effective against an enemy than without it; however, the same principles apply to business.

Force Multipliers - Get More Juice From The Squeeze


Creating a disaster folder is an area I do a lot of coaching around, and it's something most businesses overlook until a disaster occurs. Every business needs to create a DISASTER FOLDER, a place where you store all the steps required to quickly get your business back on track when something goes wrong, and believe me; things will go wrong in your business regardless of... 

Create A Disaster Folder


In 2015 Calvin Wayman threw in his cushy, safe job and decided to become an entrepreneur. He also decided he would document his journey from being in debt to becoming a self-made millionaire because too often we only ever see the end product of success, not the steps that took place to get them there. Calvin grew up in a polygamy family, so before he even could even begin...

Read More, Download & Listen - Episode #49


My background is podiatry and just like a lot of other service-based businesses in the health and finance industries, what we offer, or should I say what we sell, because that’s exactly what we do, cannot be seen, it is basically invisible.


Marketing The Invisible: Services, Not Products


Gerlinda Stella is a Personal Stylist based in Cairns, Australia and she has travelled extensively through the United States, Europe and Asia, and she knows all the rules when it comes to style, but she also knows when to break the rules. What you wear and when you wear it says a lot about who you are and what you do, and this applies to both men and women. 

Read More, Download & Listen - Episode #48


This week's Five Minute Friday episode is a little different because I have a guest. I am joined by Chris Desmond who is a Physiotherapist in Wellington, New Zealand, and Chris was also my guest on Episode #7: The Uncomfort Zone. Today we discuss how do you decide which ideas to pursue.

How Do You Decide Which Ideas To Pursue?


Daniel Gefen lives in Israel and is the author of a book titled The Self-Help Addict and today we talk about what makes some people successful and others not so successful. You cannot continue to consume content without creating content. You cannot just be a buyer without also being a seller, and unfortunately, 90+% of the world are reactive and not proactive.  

Read More, Download & Listen - Episode #47


The aim of having an induction system is to ensure that first-time users of your business are greeted correctly and consistently when they arrive, and the key is consistency. Depending on your industry you may use client, patient or customer. The terminology may be different, but the principles are the same. 

Do You Have A Client Induction System?


Denise Griffitts is known as your Nerd In Stilletto's, and today we talk about Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers, and how they should be your partner in success, not just a person that does a few daily tasks for you. You wouldn't hire a receptionist or office manager without first screening them, and training them, and this is how you should approach using the services of a VA. 

Read More, Download & Listen - Episode #46 


Focusing on attracting new people into your business is essential, but don't forget about the people you already have in your database. They need to be nurtured, and this is why you need to have a well-developed retention process/strategy; otherwise, your business... read more...


Retention - Fixing Holes In The Leaking Bucket


If you're a fan of Australia's Shark Tank you'll know exactly who Glen Richards is, but do you know his story, and how he went from an outback kid growing up on a property in Western Queensland, to listing Greencross Vets on the Australian Stock Exchange?  He is... read more...


Download & Listen - Episode#45


Even though I think every marketing pillar should be used in one way or another, regardless of the business type, this marketing pillar is number one and trumps all others.  Today I want to cover: Websites Google Analytics Collecting Emails Blogs Video... read more...


Marketing Pillar Six - Online Marketing 


Ben August and Jamie Baker run a software company in Cairns called MASSBLOCK and they're currently developing tools and apps to help people manage their cryptocurrency investments. I personally knew nothing about cryptocurrencies and was totally unaware how big... read more...


Download & Listen - Episode #44


Verbal marketing is any form of marketing that involves you opening your mouth and communicating with others, and if you're one of those people that get nervous meeting people for the first time or talking in front of crowds, don’t be concerned – it’s normal, and... read more...


Marketing Pillar Five - Verbal Marketing


'Super Joe' Pardo a business consultant based in Philadelphia. He is the author of four books, and he helps business owners build their business for their lifestyles, not the other way around, and today we talk about his latest book SALES WON'T SAVE YOUR BUSINESS... read more...


Download & Listen - Episode #43


External marketing encompasses everything you do to attract new clients to your business. As the business owner, you need to be promoting your business from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. You need to always in marketing mode. Here are 8... read more...


Marketing Pillar Four - External Marketing


Asmar Gary is from Jacksonville, Florida, and he is one of the coolest people on the planet. In fact, Samuel L. Jackson is probably shaking in his boots. Asmar runs a company called Spirited Consulting Co. which specialises in teaching Bartenders about personal... read more...


Download & Listen - Episode #42


Internal marketing is all about marketing to your existing client database, and the best thing about this is you’ve already done all the hard work. You’ve already collected their details, because they’ve made a past enquiry and supplied you with their email or... read more...


Marketing Pillar Three - Internal Marketing 


John Lee Dumas is a legend in the world of podcasting, and he is also a serial entrepreneur. We talk about this and so much more, plus why we are LEGENDS IN OUR OWN LUNCHBOX. What we cover:  Moving outside your comfort zone Tax benefits of Puerto Rico (4%)... read more...


Listen & Download - Episode #41


I define a non-professional referrer as any business or individual that can refer a client to your business, but they are outside of your specific industry.  This Marketing Pillar is often neglected and unloved, but they can be one of your most significant sources... read more...


Marketing Pillar Two - Non-Professional Referrers


Captain Jim Palmer is living a dream life. He works when he wants, and with his wife Stephanie, they are now travelling around the USA in their floating home. They could have kept living on autopilot but chose not to. Jim is the author of seven books and is known... read more...


 Listen & Download - Episode #40


What is a professional referrer? A professional referrer is industry specific, meaning it is a referral that comes from someone else in your specific industry. For example, in the health industry a Physiotherapist may receive a referral from a GP or Podiatrist, an... read more...


 Marketing Pillar One - Professional Referers 


Donna Patane is a highly qualified Lawyer and Trademarks Attorney based in Cairns, and when it comes to winning a dispute in court over the use of a business name, the person owning the trademark is holding the gun, and the person with only a business name... read more...


Listen & Download Episode #39


This week I want to talk about your education, or more importantly who is educating you? As a general rule, you should never get your marketing education from the same person who is trying to sell you advertising, and this applies to all forms of advertising, both offline and online. The Sales Rep has one job to do.... read more...

You Can't Polish A Poo - Part Three (Who Is Educating You)


Dr Fern Kazlow (aka Dr K) is a New York City Psychotherapist, speaker, author, and business and branding consultant and she helps business people, especially high performers, the top one percenters (1%) live in the no doubt zone.  In this podcast episode, we discuss what is psychotherapy, peoples resistance to change, stories, beliefs and trances, fear of failure and fear of success... read more...

Listen & Download Episode #38


When I work with my coaching clients this is one subject I like to bring up very early because a lot of money can be wasted by not understanding the difference between Reach & Frequency. These two terms are often used by Sales Reps to assist in selling their marketing product. Basically reach is the number of people that will see your marketing message, whereas frequency is.... read more...

You Can't Polish A Poo - Part Two (Reach Versus Frequency)


Poppy and Geoff Spencer are Relationship Experts based in Sarasota, Florida and authors of the hugely successful book One Billion Seconds. Today we talk about relationships in and out of the workplace, and how to get more out of each relationship in a positive way. Many relationships fail because there’s a lack of communication skills and maturity, which... read more...

 Listen & Download Episode #37


Of course, polishing a poo is impossible, but some Sales Reps come quite close to making it sparkle, which is what I want to talk about today. I was going to title this episode beware there's a sales rep coming to see you, but I wanted a title that would grab your attention. Would you ever consider swimming in a pool of sharks without a safety cage? Probably not, but... read more...

You Can't Polish A Poo - Part One (Sales Rep Warning)


Sam Harrop is a very successful Business Coach and Mentor and is the author of two books, Getting Stuff Done and Small Business Big Exit. When Sam was last on my podcast, Episode #30 we talked about Getting Stuff Done, but today we're focusing on his second book Small Business Big Exit: How to make more money selling your business than running it... read more...

Listen & Download Episode #36


I would love to take credit for the title of this blog and podcast, but it’s a quote from Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's. I’m not sure if Founder is the correct title for Ray Kroc, especially after seeing the movie FOUNDER, but Ray Kroc was the man who made systems what they are today. Ray Kroc took systems, developed initially by the McDonalds Brothers and made them better, and also... read more...

Is Your Business Green & Growing Or Ripe & Rotting? 


Many small business owners find it challenging to stay focused on the task ahead because of shiny bright lights? And often they let their negative thoughts affect their decision making or lack of decision making and this is where Deb Johnstone from Transformational Pathway Australia comes in. Deb Johnstone is a Mindset and NLP business coach and she has helped me keep my head screwed on... read more...

Listen & Download Episode #35


How often have you heard a wealthy person say that time with the people you love is far more important than how much money you make or how much you have in the bank? We hear it all the time, and if this is TRUE, why do we keep trading our time for money each day? Are wealthy people telling us lies so they can keep all the money to themselves? Are they just being greedy? I don’t think so, but... read more...

Time Versus Money


Wilson Lawrence is a Performance, Personal Development and English Communications Coach and today we are talking about the 5 Ways To Approach Adversity. Regardless of who you are or the type of business you run we are all going to be faced with adversity multiple multiple times in our careers, but what is important is how we approach it... read more...

Listen & Download #34


Last Monday was Easter Monday, which in Australia is a public holiday, except if you work for yourself, it’s more a day to catch up on things without there being phone calls and emails. Anyway I was on Facebook and I saw a post about an upcoming webinar on growing your health business and since that is my industry, and it looked worthwhile, I decided to register.... read more...

Can You Trust A Relationship That Starts With A Lie?


Rem Jackson is the CEO and founder of Top Practices, which is a marketing and management company for doctors in the field of podiatry. Now, before you shoot off thinking this podcast is not for you because you're not a podiatrist, stop, listen and learn because marketing is marketing regardless of the profession and marketing is the single most valuable use of your time regardless of... read more...

Listen & Download #33


My brother I grew up on the Gold Coast, and we spent a lot of time crabbing on the weekends. We’d go out early in the morning, just before sunrise and we’d get back at sunset. On a good day, we’d catch dozens of mud crabs.  Once caught we’d place them in a large bucket, well actually it was more like a big plastic rubbish bin, with two sturdy handles on either side for ease of getting it out of the boat.... read more...

Mud Crab Boogie 


Today I have the pleasure of talking with Cindy Rodriguez, from Orlando Florida about startups, her podcast The Fierce Entrepreneur and what she has learnt through her entrepreneurial journey in the business world. All entrepreneurs struggle with the same two things, time management and giving up control and it takes time to be able to come to terms with them and use them to your benefit.... read more...

Listen & Download #32


 For the past three years, and this year will be my fourth, I’ve attended a 3-Day event in Tempe, Arizona, run by Success Technologies and Dave Frees. Each year the event alternates its theme. One year it will be 3-Days To Success and the other year Business black Op, both fantastic events. Last year, or it could have been the year before... read more...

Don't Change Anything For 6-Months 


Today I talk with Paul Wright about the concept of information marketing and packaging your thoughts for profits. Paul Wright is a Physiotherapist, business coach and mentor, and author of the best selling book How to Run A One Minute Practice. It’s important to point out that you can learn a lot from other professions, outside of ... read more...

Listen & Download #31


Today I want to share a story from my childhood and how my mums Cherry Ripe chocolate taught me a great lesson about systems and why slight system changes can have devastating results long-term on your business if you don't keep an eye on them. My mother loved Cherry Ripe's, and about once a month she would... read more...

What Mums Cherry Ripe Taught Me About Systems 


Sam Harrop is a very successful Business Coach and Mentor and is the author of two books, Getting Stuff Done and Small Business Big Exit. Today we're going to discuss Sam's first book, Getting Stuff Done: How To Procrastinate Less and Achieve More...and who does not want to get more done?... read more...

Listen & Download #30


About three weeks ago a friend and fellow Seacret agent, that’s S.E.A.C.R.E.T agent, not Secret Agent, from Canada, Nicole Humphries, was visiting Cairns and while she was here she ran a workshop on leadership. She shared some awesome information and I especially... read more...

List Your Successes


Nicky Jurd owns a website development company in Cairns called Precedence, who specialises in building websites for small businesses, and she feels many small business owners are leaving the financial future of their businesses in the hands of social media channels, which they do not own or control. A great ... read more...

Listen & Download #29


Last weekend I was at a SEACRET Skincare conference in Melbourne at the Exhibition Centre, and during the first lunch break, on day one, a group of us shot over to DFO to quickly get something to eat. When we walked into the food court I immediately spotted a hamburger store, and I thought YES, it's going to be burgers for me... read more...

Learn & Profit From Their Mistakes 


Jay Henderson owns a business called Real Talent Hiring and is the author of the highly successful book The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Hiring Super-Stars, and today we discuss how to identify super-stars for your business and also how to avoid duds. If you want to scale your business, grow your business and...read more...

Listen & Download Episode #28


Ginger Baker was the drummer for CREAM and he had one goal, to become a drummer in a band, and he had this goal way before he ever knew how to play the drums...That's the power of a true goal.   In this episode, I talk about my own goals as a 12-year old and how... read more...



Omar Zenhom is the co-creator of the webinar platform WebinarNinja and host of the $100 MBA Show. I was super keen to learn more about webinars and how they can be of benefit to small business. Does having a webinar really help your business and can you make money from running regular webinars... read more...

Listen & Download Episode #27


Last week I spoke at a 2-day event in Brisbane called IN BUSINESS IN HEALTH and Glen Richards, one of the Sharks from the Australian Shark Tank, gave a 45-minute presentation about his journey from a country kid in western Queensland all the way through to becoming the newest member of the Shark Tank... read more...

Shark Tank Success Traits


Travis Chappell is a networking master and as he says, networking is the best way to accelerate growth in life, regardless if you’re an entrepreneur, a doctor or if you're working 9-5 and working your way up the various management levels. By building relationships with people you will accelerate your career a lot faster...read more...

Listen & Download Episode #26


This weeks Five Minute Friday is based on a blog article I wrote on my website back in 2015, titled Helicopter Marketing and I thought it was time to take it for another spin.  I've been preparing all week for a presentation I'm doing in Brisbane and at the IN... read more...

Helicopter Marketing & Business Consistency


Mark Minard is an entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author of The Story Of You, podcast host of Elevating Beyond, Owner & CEO of Dreamshine and lives in Columbus Ohio. We opened our conversation today talking about growth: As you grow and move out of your comfort zone it can sometimes feel quite lonely... read more...

Listen & Download Episode 25


Every year I choose a word to use for my yearly focus. I've found it keeps me on track. I’ve only been doing this for the past few years, and for me, it works extremely well, so maybe it's worth considering yourself. In 2016 my word for the year was... read more...

CONNECTION Is My Word For 2018


Dr Jesse Green was my guest on Episode #12: The Recovery Paradox and after we concluded that particular episode we kept talking and eventually moved onto the subject of branding and his favourite band ACDC and what he believes made ACDC one of the biggest bands in the world. I asked Jesse if he minded...read more... 

Listen & Download Episode 24


Businesses that fail to have systems also fail to reach their full potential, because you cannot run a successful business by hoping everyone is doing a particular task correctly. Some businesses have “informal” systems, but a system not documented is also a system... read more...

7 Reason Why You Need Systems 


Kathryn Kemp Guylay is the author of six best-selling books, the host of two podcasts, the Mountain Mantra Podcast and Positive on Publishing Podcast. She is also a professional speaker, business coach, entrepreneur and proud mum, and she resides in one of the most beautiful places on earth Sun Valley, Idaho. She talks from experience and she shares an interesting story meeting the President of The United States and...read more

 Listen to Episode 23


I don’t care what type of business you have, or how good your customer service is, you’re going to eventually have a few difficult clients, the ones that make you want to stay in bed on a Monday morning and not go to work.  And worst of all, they think their... read more...

The Blowfly Principle



My guest today is Dr. Dave Weiman who is a Management Psychologist in Philadelphia. He holds multiple Masters and Doctorate degrees and is a sort after speaker, executive coach and pre-hire assessment specialist.  Today we discuss the Psychology of Commitment...read more...

Listen to Episode 22


In my book, It’s No Secret There’s Money in Small Business I touch on seven marketing myths and the reason I wanted to talk about this subject was because many small business owners still believe these myths are true and it’s holding them back from being successful.... read more...

7 Marketing Myths


Matt Hanham is a Perth based entrepreneur, investor and consultant with a passion for small business, technology and wealth building. He is the director of Visible and host of #Amplify Your Business podcast. He also has one dirty little secret that he likes to keep hidden; he’s also an accountant, but let's not tell anyone.... read more...

Listen to Episode 21:


Well, we’ve made it to the end of week one, 2018 and by now I would imagine you’ve probably seen at least fifty or so post about making New Year's resolutions and setting goals. If you haven’t, you’ve either been incarcerated the past week or lucky enough to be on a cruise ship with no internet, you would have heard a lot of... read more...

Was Week One A Hit or Miss


Tim Hyde is based in Canberra and runs a successful marketing agency called Win More Clients. As Tim points out, your digital presence, marketing automation, your social strategy and your brand are all pieces of a much larger puzzle. Uncle Scrooge: Tim was inspired at the age of six by Golden Books Uncle Scrooge... read more...

Listen to Episode 20:


One of the hardest things to do when returning from a great business seminar, or conference is implementing what you’ve just learnt. You’ll get home and the next day, usually a Monday, you’ll head into work full of vigour, only to realise you have appointments schedule the whole day, from 8.30am to 5.30pm, but not to worry... read more...

Post Conference Time Blocking


Jordan Thomas is an amazingly talented young man based in Bakersfield California. Jordan is the author of three books and his most recent book is Create, Execute, Repeat – Leveraging Creativity in Business & Life. But here’s something really cool about Jordan, he’s only 20 years of age and is currently study Business Administration... read more

Listen to Episode 19:


This week’s episode is all about connecting with other people and building long-term relationships by getting off your bum. I was recently interviewed on the Amplify Your Business Podcast with Matt J. Hanham, and Matt asked what advice would I give a business owner that would help propel their business. My answer was... read more...

Get Off Your Bum


Somnath Sikdar is a 6th Dan Black Belt and owner of The Dragon Gym, which is a small chain of martial arts schools in Southeast Pennsylvania. He holds degrees in Science and Electrical Engineering, with minors in Systems Science and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, which proves you can... read more...

Listen to Episode 18: 


But My Business Is Different is actually the title from chapter one of my book It’s no Secret There’s Money in Small Business, and the reason I wrote this chapter is because it’s a common response received from people when someone is trying to give them sound business advice, especially if the person offering...read more

But My Business Is Different


In this episode I interview Jeff Peterson, CEO and Co-Founder of Geneva Supply and Bill Davis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Snap-On Industrial Power Tools, sub-brand Sioux Tools. Jeff is also the co-creator of Biz Tank, which is a nonprofit organisation connecting kids to real life business... read more

Listen to Episode 17: 


Last week I wrote a blog for my website titled Create A Future Ideas Folder (FIF) and the purpose of this folder is to store marketing and advertising, created by other people, that captures your eye.Things that really jump out at you that make you pay attention, or you think is unique in some way...Read more

The Brain Book


A Magician is an Actor playing the role of a Magician. My guest Dennis Friebe, aka Kardenni, is both a Magician and an Actor based in Orlando, Florida. One thing I know for sure, Dennis is a doer of many things. To understand something fully he can’t just read about it, he must experience it and do it, and then...read more

Listen to Episode 16:


Today I was having a Zoom call with my good friend Dana Cardinas from Texas and we got onto the subject of identifying your ideal client and why this is the most important thing every business needs to do, way before they think about marketing. Dana runs a business called Practice Tech Solutions and we're both...read more

Your Ideal Client


Kevin Miller is the host of The Ziglar Show: Inspiring Your True Performance, and clinic and global platform developer for True Life Medicine in Colorado. He’s the father of nine children, yet still makes exercise a priority, as fitness has always been a big part of his life as a former professional cyclist... read more

Listen to Episode 15: 


Today I want to talk about something that everyone seems to brush under the carpet and for some reason, no one really wants to talk about, and I don’t know why. I want to talk about Events and No Shows People say YES to an event and then simply don’t turn up. Now I'm not talking about the people that contact you.... read more

Events & No Shows


Eddie Gordon is a mixed martial artist and winner of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) – Season 19. He’s a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Forever Truckin – Mastering The Will To Win. In this episode we discuss: Why being in business and being a fighter are quite similar... read more

Listen to Episode 14: 


If you're in the public eye, or ear, for an extended period of time you will be judged, and people will have a certain level of expectation when they meet you. Here's the big question: Do you live up to that expectation? This podcast episode is based on a blog article I wrote on...read more

The Importance of Being Genuine


As I discovered, not every young person runs around like a headless chook, in fact, some are super switched on about their future careers and I think this is one episode you’ll want your kids to tune into. Today I had an awesome conversation with four high school students from Wisconsin, USA. Read more

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Dr. Jesse Green is the only person I know that's spent a week with Richard Branson on his private island in the British Virgin Islands, and in addition to this he's a best-selling author, entrepreneur, thought leader in dental management, business coach and the host of a very successful podcast called The Savvy Dentist. Read more

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I recently did a keynote speech for the Young Entrepreneurs Project in Cairns titled Persistence and Resilience and this short Five Minute Friday recording touches on a few of the key points from my talk. It's a common fact that if you want to be successful, in all areas of life, it does take persistence and resilience. Read more 

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Dean S. Hawkins is a highly decorated Fire Officer & Trainer based in Cairns, Far North Queensland and is the author of the highly successful book Fight Fire with Fire – How to use firefighting techniques to find your purpose, overcome all obstacles and reach your goals. But what can a Fire Officer teach...read more

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Jared Warner from 123 Get Found helps people grow and scale their companies with effective online marketing. He basically helps companies get found on the busy, crowded web. Get Found, Get Results & Get Smart - What does that all mean? As Jared says there are only three things that really matter in business... read more...

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My Guest today is Pat Flynn from Westchester Pennsylvania. Pat is an author, fitness minimalist, business coach, guitarist and podcaster. He helps people do more with less and this is what our conversation is all about, the power of being a generalist, not a specialist. We're often taught to specialise and not be a...read more

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My guest today is Shannean Moncrieff and when I first met Shannean, almost twenty years ago, she was a very well respected lawyer working at a prestigious law firm in Cairns, however after having children she transitioned out of law, into a more creative life and once again she has excelled... read more...

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Chris Desmond is the host of a successful podcast series titled Uncomfortable is OK. In this series, Chris chats with people who have done some amazing things or had unique ideas that have taken them out of their comfort zone, and by doing this they have become much...Read more

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Michael Hanrahan owns a publishing company in Melbourne, Michael Hanrahan Publishing and is the author of Stand Out, 7 steps to self-publishing a book that will build your profile, promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. Self-published books use to have poorly designed covers, substandard layout and...read more

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Calvin Wayman is a professional speaker and social media entrepreneur, and is the best selling author of Fish Out of Water: The Guide To Achieving Breakthrough & Permanently Transforming Into A New You. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and was named one of the Top...read more

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My guest today is Moty Ben Shabat, Co-Founder of SEACRET Direct, a billion dollar skin care company based in Arizona, where they produce products made from Minerals From The Dead Sea. Moty served a number of years in the Israeli Army as a Medic and his long-term plan was to study medicine, however, he had no money...read more

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Today’s guest is Wilson Lawrence. Wilson is a Performance, Personal Development and English Communications Coach focusing on Self and Time Management. He studied at the South West London College For Higher Business Studies and is based in Germany. I first heard of Wilson Lawrence on the ...read more

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David M. Frees is a Trust, Estate and Wealth Preservation Lawyer from Phoenixville Pennsylvania. He is an expert when it comes to persuasion and communication, and on a personal note, Dave is one of the best communicators I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I think you’ll go back and listen to this episode numerous times, because...read more 

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Being a new podcast series I know it’s important for the first episode to be good. I talked this over with my friend and podcast guru Ronsley Vaz, and he said I should be the first guest on my own show.

That’s not what I was expecting, but Ronsley said it was important for my listeners to get to know me, what I stand for and...read more   

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