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    Earlier this year I came across an audio recording from Gary Vaynerchuk, titled HOW TO START. He was talking about creating content and...
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It's No Secret with Dr T. 

If you want to earn more, work less and enjoy what you do each day, then you need to tune into my weekly podcast series. Each week I plan to have guests, from all over the world, share their thoughts, insights and experiences in all aspects of life and business.

My goal is to have open and honest conversations with my guests and for you to be able to take away key information that will make both your personal and business life better. Please enjoy! 

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Eddie Gordon is a mixed martial artist and winner of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) – Season 19. He’s a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Forever Truckin – Mastering The Will To Win. In this episode we discuss: Why being in business and being a fighter are quite similar... read more

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If you're in the public eye, or ear, for an extended period of time you will be judged, and people will have a certain level of expectation when they meet you. Here's the big question: Do you live up to that expectation? This podcast episode is based from a blog article I wrote on...read more

The Importance of Being Genuine


As I discovered, not every young person runs around like a headless chook, in fact some are super switched on about their future careers and I think this is one episode you’ll want your kids to tune into. Today I had an awesome conversation with four high school students from Wisconsin, USA. Read more

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Dr. Jesse Green is the only person I know that's spent a week with Richard Branson on his private island in the British Virgin Islands, and in addition to this he's a best-selling author, entrepreneur, thought leader in dental management, business coach and the host of a very successful podcast called The Savvy Dentist. Read more

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I recently did a keynote speech for the Young Entrepreneurs Project in Cairns titled Persistence and Resilience and this short Five Minute Friday recording touches on a few of the key points from my talk. It's a common fact that if you want to be successful, in all areas of life, it does take persistence and resilience. Read more 

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Dean S. Hawkins is a highly decorated Fire Officer & Trainer based in Cairns, Far North Queensland and is the author of the highly successful book Fight Fire with Fire – How to use firefighting techniques to find your purpose, overcome all obstacles and reach your goals. But what can a Fire Officer teach...read more

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Jared Warner from 123 Get Found helps people grow and scale their companies with effective online marketing. He basically helps companies get found on the busy, crowded web. Get Found, Get Results & Get Smart - What does that all mean? As Jared says there’s only three things that really matter in business... read more...

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My Guest today is Pat Flynn from Westchester Pennsylvania. Pat is an author, fitness minimalist, business coach, guitarist and podcaster. He helps people do more with less and this is what our conversation is all about, the power of being a generalist, not a specialist. We're often taught to specialise and not be a...read more

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My guest today is Shannean Moncrieff and when I first met Shannean, almost twenty years ago, she was a very well respected lawyer working at a prestigious law firm in Cairns, however after having children she transitioned out of law, into a more creative life and once again she has excelled... read more...

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Chris Desmond is the host of a successful podcast series titled Uncomfortable is OK. In this series Chris chats with people who have done some amazing things, or had unique ideas that have taken them out of their comfort zone, and by doing this they have become much...Read more

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Michael Hanrahan owns a publishing company in Melbourne, Michael Hanrahan Publishing and is the author of Stand Out, 7 steps to self-publishing a book that will build your profile, promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. Self-published books use to have poorly designed covers, substandard layout and...read more

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Calvin Wayman is a professional speaker and social media entrepreneur, and is the best selling author of Fish Out of Water: The Guide To Achieving Breakthrough & Permanently Transforming Into A New You. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and was named one of the Top...read more

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My guest today is Moty Ben Shabat, Co-Founder of SEACRET Direct, a billion dollar skin care company based in Arizona, where they produce products made from Minerals From The Dead Sea. Moty served a number of years in the Israeli Army as a Medic and his long-term plan was to study medicine, however he had no money...read more

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Today’s guest is Wilson Lawrence. Wilson is a Performance, Personal Development and English Communications Coach focusing on Self and Time Management. He studied at the South West London College For Higher Business Studies and is based in Germany. I first heard of Wilson Lawrence on the ...read more

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David M. Frees is a Trust, Estate and Wealth Preservation Lawyer from Phoenixville Pennsylvania. He is an expert when it comes to persuasion and communication, and on a personal note Dave is one of the best communicators I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I think you’ll go back and listen to this episode numerous times, because...read more 

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Being a new podcast series I know it’s important for the first episode to be good. I talked this over with my friend and podcast guru Ronsley Vaz, and he said I should be the first guest on my own show.

That’s not what I was expecting, but Ronsley said it was important for my listeners to get to know me, what I stand for and...read more   

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