160 - Dr Jim McDannald Collaborating with other Podiatrists


Have you ever considered collaborating with other podiatrists? If you haven't, it's something worth considering, as my guest, Dr Jim McDannald, will explain. We will also explain a collaboration we're doing ourselves. 

Dr Jim McDannald has practised podiatry in both the United States and Canada and gradually shifted careers from podiatry to online marketing over several years, and now runs a business called Podiatry Growth

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • Benefits of outside ideas and perspectives.
  • Learning you're not out there by yourselves.
  • Ways you can collaborate.
  • Instagram and Facebook.
  • Learning best by doing. 

"The fun of collaboration is the comradery you create with others". 

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Jim was also on Episode 123: Five Elements of an Online Presence. 


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