154 - (PART 1) Become an Employer of Choice with Sam Harrop


Most podiatrists understand the fundamental marketing concepts needed to attract a consistent flow of new patients to their podiatry businesses. Still, when it comes to marketing their business to attract new talent and team members, they often fall short.  

My guest Sam Harrop will cover eleven critical areas of your podiatry business that need your attention if you want to become an employer of choice and have potential team members chasing you instead of the other way around. 

Sam is the author of ‘Getting Stuff Done' and ‘Small Business Big Exit’. He is also the Business Maximiser Programme founder, a coaching program designed for ambitious tradie business owners. He helps them to maximise sales, productivity, and cash flow. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Q: What is the purpose of a business? A: It’s a vehicle to achieve your personal goals.
  • What is your brand as an employer?
  • You are effectively marketing yourself as an employer of choice so you can attract people.
  • Is your podiatry business first-class, business, premium, economy and freight?
  • Why paying podiatrists more money is not the answer. 

"Paying podiatrist more money is like a sugar hit; it’s only short-lived". 

  • Three parts of the employment triangle
    • The promise of the job
    • How you articulate it
    • Do you believe it
  • Why using words such as Innovative, Friendly, Family Business in your job ads are no good.  
  • Why would somebody work for you?
    • Do you know your ideal candidate?
    • Are they a good fit?

11 Critical Areas of Your Business (PART-1)

  1. Remuneration
  2. Job Clarity
  3. Access to tools, software, materials and equipment
  4. Workplace environment
  5. Communication

"Gossip thrives when there’s a lack of communication."


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