152 - Young, Poor & Single with Dr James Kent

Dr James Kent is a Native Texan and the owner of East Texas Foot & Ankle Centres. He believes if you want to have a successful podiatry business, the earlier you start, the better, and there are also three key ingredients: young, poor, and single. 

When you're young, you have endless energy. When you're poor, there's only one way up, and if you're single, you have time on your side and fewer commitments. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Having good mentors.
  • The benefits of being young, poor and single.
  • Why not everyone should work for themselves. 
  • Finding what makes you happy. 
  • Goal setting. 
  • Why you need to be constantly planning and adjusting things as you go. 
  • No harm in lofty goals, and it's okay if you don't make it. 
  • Podiatry can be positive or negative, and it’s all up to you to decide which it will be. 

"Most people that work hard also do well in business". 

Using Youtube

Dr James Kent has created a very successful Youtube channel, Tyler Foot Clinic, and he uses it to promote his podiatry business; when people ask him, James, what do you do, he can direct them to his YouTube channel. 

Currently, his channel has over 12,000 subscribers. Using YouTube allows his patients to see behind the scenes of his business, helping them get to know, like, and trust him. 

Final Tip

Read the book, The Millionaire Next Door

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