142 - The Progressive Podiatry Project with Talysha Reeve

Talysha Reeve is the founder of The Progressive Podiatry Project, an online platform that delivers a range of world-leading courses, events and membership subscriptions designed for podiatrists who want to ditch the status quo, excel in managing musculoskeletal pathologies and achieve career success.

Talysha has had a unique career that is continuing to evolve. From musculoskeletal podiatrist to biomechanical clinic owner, to clinical educator, university lecturer and now an injury management specialist and education powerhouse.

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • The Four Burners Theory: Work, Health, Friends & Family
  • Work-life boundaries: Things you put in place that are non-negotiable to keep balance. 
  • Helping podiatrists not to lose their passion instead of trying to find their passion.  
  • What are you giving up for success?

If you’re not working on your dreams you're helping someone else reach theirs. 

Final Tip

Surround yourself with people that excite you and are excited by your ideas, then follow what excites you. 

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