140 - Becoming A TV Podiatrist with Dr Ebonie Vincent

Dr Ebonie Vincent is from Orange County, California and is one of the doctors on the reality TV series My Feet are Killing Me on the TLC network.

She is a Foot & Ankle Surgeon with a strong, committed interest in education, wellness and life long learning. She aims to continue to be a dynamic representation of the podiatry field.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why she found the field of podiatry exciting
  • The TV Show and what it means
  • How preparation meets opportunity
  • What is good content on Social media 

"My thought process was if you’re going to be someone worth listening to, you might want to start telling your story now".

  • Dr Brad was on Episode 68 - Developing Your Personal Brand
  • The third podiatrist, Dr Sarah Haller

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