136 - Podiatry TRADEMARKS with Donna Patane

If you own a podiatry business and if you trade under a business name, you need to protect it with a trademark before someone else takes it. Please don't say I did not warn you.  

Protecting your business name is essential, which is why I wanted to have Donna Patane on the podcast. Donna is a lawyer and registered Trademarks Attorney and an expert in Intellectual Property and all things business law in the digital age.

Last year Donna left big law to start her own niche firm focusing on trademarks, IP, confidentiality, privacy, technology and commercialisation deals...and making it all FUN. You can reach out to Donna at email/me)(donnapatane.com.au

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In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Four different registration types:
    • Domains - first in best dressed. 
    • Company Names
    • Business Names - are there to protect the consumer, not the business owner. 
    • Trademarks - This is the penthouse and gives you exclusive rights. 
  • Identifying the BAD GUY?
  • Searching via ATMOS Australia or internationally with WIPO Global Brand Database.
  • Understanding the terms:
    • Substantially Identical
    • Deceptively Similar
    • Inherently Distinctive 
  • Who owns the trademark? (Company or personal)
  • Why Google Reviews are being left for the wrong businesses.  
  • Social media law and protection in the digital world?
  • Using the Way Back Machine website to look at old websites
  • Copywrite law (photographs and written content) 
  • Ignorance is no defence. 

Final Tip

THINK BIG; you’re on the internet. Trademarks are not just for Apple and Google, so look at the register and protect your name. 

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