134 - Dr Richard Blake The Story Behind the Inverted Orthotic Technique

Dr Richard Blake shares the inspirational story behind the Inverted Orthotic Technique and the obstacles he had to overcome to get his unique orthotic design ideas in front of the general podiatry population. 

At the time, The Root Theory was the accepted way of making an orthotic. Still, Dr Blake proved that you could invert an orthotic way past 3 degrees inverted to get the results you want, and what you may not know, Merton Root was his biggest advocate of this new paradigm shift. 

Dr Richard Blake has been a podiatrist for over 40 years, focusing on sports medicine and biomechanics. He is a Clinical Instructor at the California School of Podiatric Medicine and the author of Inverted Orthotic Technique and Secrets to Keep Moving.

He has also been the past President American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

We also discuss: 

  • The first successful inverted orthotics at 24 degrees use to eliminate knee pain.
  • Why it's okay to break the rules.
  • The help, support and guidance he received from Merton Root
  • Why he stepped away from the speaking circuit for 14-years
  • His thoughts on podiatrists that don’t like orthotics, the barefoot movement and footwear. 

Final Tip

Find what you like to do and follow that. Yes, initially, you have to do everything because you have bills to pay, but if you can eventually focus on what you love doing, it will bring you the most joy each day. 

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