127 - Lindsey Ebbs The Art of Educated Waffling

Lindsey Ebbs is from Whitby, in the UK, and she openly admits she is a waffler. Still, she is not just any waffler, as described by her patients; she is an educated waffler. Through waffling, she has begun to etch out a new career path, in addition to her podiatry career, that she never thought possible a year ago. 

As Lindsey explains, COVID has made us look at our podiatry businesses differently and how we communicate with our patients. What started as a simple newsletter idea has grown into something much larger. 

Today we discuss:

  • The art of educated waffling
  • Covid and the changes needed to be made in business
  • Writing like your having a conversation.
  • The evolution of her patient newsletter
  • Sharing our podiatry knowledge with other businesses 

Showing An Interest

During Covid, Lindsey became interested in what other businesses were doing in her small town to survive.

What she learnt really interested her, so she thought others might feel the same, so she started writing about other businesses in her patient newsletter, and it was very successful. 

As podiatrists, we get to chinwag a lot, so we're in a perfect position to hear about what is happening in town. 

Invited to Write

The business articles in her newsletter caught the attention of a local tourist publication called The Whitby Guide. Now her articles are published monthly and read by tens of thousands of readers around the world. 

Guest Blogging

Lindsey then approached Travel and Trek, thinking they wouldn't have much content about footwear and feet on their website, and asked if they would be interested in her podiatry knowledge, and they said YES. 

"As podiatrists, we often forget about the skillset we have, and we need to tell people what we do in as many areas as we can". 

The easiest way to get started is to think of all the businesses that could benefit from your knowledge and start contacting them. 

You need to put yourself out there, and the worst thing that can happen is they say NO, and it won't kill you. 

Final Tip

Look at the businesses around you and look at what they’re doing. Can you help raise their profile? Can your podiatry knowledge be helpful? If it can, connect with them and provide the content. 

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