120 - 3D Printing Orthotics, Dildos & Butt Plugs with Mike Luker


Mike Luker is a Gold Coast podiatrist who owns Ace Health Centre and MotionX Australian 3D Printing Laboratory, which is the first full-colour 3D printer in Australia.

On this episode, you'll discover, as I did, 3D Printing can be used for more than just orthotics. 

We also discussed:  

  • Understanding how 3D Printing works. 
  • The benefits of 3D printing
    • Less waste
    • Better for the environment
    • More reliability
    • Increased accuracy 
    • Easier post-processing 
  • Marketing
    • Adding your business logo in the 3D orthotic design. 
    • Other marketing opportunities
  • Cost-effectiveness of 3D printing versus EVA and Poly. 
    • It's more economical for the podiatrist and provides faster service for the patient. 
  • The MotionX 3D Scanning App for iPhone

"The biggest challenge with 3D printing is not the technology; it's getting podiatrists to embrace change". 

If you have any questions, reach out to Mike Luker at email/info)(motionx.com.au and if you have any questions about this episode, a previous episode, please reach out to me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com.

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