119 - Colin Power The Tai chi Foot Doctor

Colin Power owns Power Podiatry in Harvey Bay, Queensland and he is known as The Tai chi Foot Doctor. Colin has successfully incorporated this ancient martial art into his podiatry business and is producing amazing results with his patients. 

We've all seen groups of older or alternative looking people in the park early on a Saturday morning going through their super-slow Tai chi movements, but's there's far more to Tai Chi than meets the eye and this episode will definitely enlighten you. 

Colin was also my guest on Episode 110: Be Curious, Don't Be A Dick.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Two forms of Tai chi based exercises
    • Martial version
    • Healing version (park version) 
  • Tai chi as we know it today
  • Your understanding of movement 
  • Tai chi and the elderly

"When working with older people, it's important to reduce the intensity, not don't dumb down the activity so much that they may as well go for a walk".  

  • Why Tai chi is better for falls prevention than normal exercises. 
  • Benefits to the neurological system by slowing exercises down. 
  • Strength and balance - why slowing movements down the muscles must work harder
  • The Please Don’t Fall Down Tai Chi Parkinson’s Group.
  • Improving functional strength
  • Functional range of motion versus flexibility

“We’re not all going to be treating elite athletes, but every person you treat, you can treat like an athlete because they’re all doing athletic movements.”

  • The Repulse Monkey - walking backwards with a forward intent. It’s a neurological challenge.
  • Bodyweight transition with movement 
  • Adding Tai chi to your patient instructions will give more adherence and engagement. 
  • Why you should limit the number of exercises you give patients. (Don't give them 10)

"Not all Tai chi instructors are created equal. Just like there are crap podiatrists, there are also crap Tai chi instructors". 

  • A simple breathing technique you can do in between patients.

"We should only breathe in and out without a pause when there's a tiger chasing us". 

Final Tip

We need to learn to breathe and to count. Patients do exercises too quickly, but you can slow it down and do it better by breathing and counting. 

You can connect with Colin at email/powerpodiatry)(gmail.com and if you have any questions about this episode, a previous episode, please reach out to me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com.

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BONUS - Lift Hands Martial Arts Magazine 

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