116 - How First-Year Graduates Think in 2020

On this episode, I am joined by first-year graduates from  Australia, the UK and Malta. If you currently employ new graduates or are considering employing new graduates, I would pay special attention and listen to what these nine young podiatrists have to say. 

You will be inspired and enlightened. 

A big thank you goes out to Jack Eastwood (UK), Kevin Ho (AUS), Stephanie Bain (AUS), Blake Withers (AUS), Megan O'Sullivan (UK), Kainat Ahmed (UK), Eilidh Gardner (UK), Joe Sciortino (Malta) and Hassan Shuker (AUS) for giving up their time and openly sharing their thoughts on the following questions. 

  1. What have you enjoyed most so far as a new graduate?
  2. Has Covid been a pain in the arse?
  3. Was there any aspect of podiatry that you found more difficult or challenging than expected?
  4. When you did your work experience, did you experience both good and badly run podiatry businesses? 
  5. Do you feel the university prepared you for the real world?
  6. Is there any aspect of podiatry you think the university could have put more emphasis on?
  7. Where do you see podiatry in the next five to ten years?

In addition to the above questions, there was also some great banter around:

  • Valuing ourselves as clinicians 
  • Enjoying the scope of treatment podiatry provides
  • Offering the best treatment options
  • Focusing on the patient's feet, not their wallet 

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