095 - Nicky Jurd Is Your Website Like Off Milk?

Nicky Jurd is the co-owner of Precedence, a website development company based in Cairns, Australia, and her company employees over 20 socially awkward, yet incredibly talented website designers and programmers. 

But Nicky openly admits that the coffee machine is still the hardest working and most loved employee. 

On this episode, we talk specifically about podiatry websites and discuss:

  • Why many websites are unloved and therefore, underwhelming.
  • Why a website needs a minor upgrade every 2-years and major upgrade every 5-years
  • How to tell if your website is like off milk
  • How an old website looks old, and this reflects on the business
  • The changing trends in website design

The 3-Elements to a great website

  1. A Good Brand: Your brand is the starting point of making an excellent website. There needs to be consistency among the brand. Has your logo changed and your colours outdated? Does it need to be refreshed before you start your website?
  2. Good Web Photos: Modern websites have outstanding web photos, and they are usually taken by a professional. Many podiatrists use stock images, and they never look right. Photos speak to trust.
  3. Good Copy: The best websites always have good copy, usually written by a professional or by someone who writes a lot. Copy needs to answer the fundamental questions the patient wants to know before coming to visit you, and it can be vastly different depending on their condition, demographics, etc.

If you look at the three elements to have a great website, they are all marketing, which is why you need to work with a website company that understands marketing, not just the technology. The tech that makes it all work is the least important. 

Final Tip

Everyone should Google their name and be aware of their online reputation. 

If you have any questions after listening to this podcast, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com or contact Nicky Jurd by just Googleing her name. 

Podiatry Business Coaching & Mentoring

If you want to own and operate a Thriving Podiatry Business, there are four vital pieces to the business puzzle.  

  • Marketing - You need a well thought out marketing strategy, not just more tactics. 
  • Systems - You need systems that will support your marketing strategy and your team.
  • Team - You need to develop a team culture that makes your work-life balance easier, not harder. 
  • Diary - Your diary needs to be structured in a way that maximises patient numbers and increases daily profits. 

You have two choices: There's the slow approach, where you learn by trial and error and do everything yourself, or you can fast-track your education and business success with one-on-one business coaching and mentoring, or group coaching

If you want to know more, please email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com, and we can set up a Zoom Call and have a quick chat to see if I can be of assistance.  

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