093 - Kieran Carew Pathology Based Orthotics

Kieran Carew specialises in CADCAM technologies and postural biomechanics and is the Director of Foothealth UK Ltd. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he developed  Pathology Based Orthotics, which is an alternative to custom-made orthotics and perfect for podiatrists using Telehealth. 

How his story began

Kieran Carew has always had a passion for sports and fitness, and it was his sporting passion that introduced him to the podiatry profession. While playing Hurling, he developed severe shin splints, and his doctor referred him to a podiatrist. 

After his initial assessment, the podiatrist prescribed orthotics. 

Kieran openly admits he had no idea what a podiatrist was and when he was first handed his orthotics he felt violated. How could something that looked just like a shoe-innersole cost so much?  

Well, to his surprise, the orthotics cured his shin splints. Because of his engineering background, he needed to investigate further how a simple-looking device could have such a dramatic, positive effect on his lower limb biomechanics. 

On this episode we discuss: 

  • Plastic engineering
  • Cadcam and 3D printing 
  • Why orthotics are only part of the solution
  • What are Pathology based orthotics?
  • Visit your lab and observing their orthotic manufacturing process.
  • Why he started weekly webinars: To register and learn more send an email to email/info)(foothealth.eu

"The success of an orthotic is not how you make the orthotic; the key driver comes from the knowledge of the practitioner and how they share that knowledge with the lab."

Final Tip

Update your knowledge. Not every MSK or Biomechanical problem needs orthotics; you can influence change through exercises, and not every orthotic need to be custom-made, sometimes a simple over the counter device is all that is required.   

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