082 - Dr Howard Dananberg Non-Surgical Treatment of Hallux Limitus


Dr Howard Dananberg explains that in the 1980s podiatrists didn't always work in the best hospitals and therefore complications with surgery was a possibility; consequently, this made him start thinking and looking of alternative treatment options for common foot surgeries. 

On this episode, Dr Dananberg and I take a journey through his early career and the research and discoveries he uncovered, which lead to his non-surgical treatment approach to hallux limitus.  

"The way you to start thinking about Hallux Limitus is, it doesn't hurt to move, it hurts because it doesn't move when it should".

Links to learn more:

"Testing peroneal strength should be the first step in evaluating hallux limitus".

BIO: Dr Howard Dananberg graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 1975. After his residency, he practised in Manchester, New Hampshire until 2012 when he retired.

He has received numerous awards for his work on sagittal plane biomechanics, including the Scholl's Award, Astra Award and MIT-Lemelson Inventor of the Week Award.

He has authored numerous peer-reviewed papers and given lectures on this topic to podiatry, medical and physical therapy audiences around the world.

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