080 - BRAIN 4 FEET: You Need To THINK

What makes this podcast episode really special is my guest is from Spain and wants to remain anonymous. He wants his work and ideas to do the talking for him, not his name. 

I know some marketing professionals would tell you this goes against everything you're supposed to do, but after you listen to this episode you'll get a better understanding as to why this works for Eugene, aka. Dr Brain (not his real names)

On this episode we discuss:

  • Why he wants to remain anonymous
  • The Brain_4_Feet Instagram Page
  • Validating his work
  • Why you need to Analyse, THINK & Treat
  • Why he still makes orthotics by hand
  • Dealing with COVID-19 in Spain 
  • BRAIN 4 FEET Method
    • Think WHY then APPLY
    • Think first then share
    • Have doubts then share
    • Share and learn 

Opportunities to Learn

If you only apply what you learn at university, you will miss a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. When the patient is sitting in front of you, ask if what you've learnt applies, if not try something different. 

Explain Your Treatment Using Logic

Always explain to the patient WHY you’re choosing a particular treatment plan; don’t just do it without an explanation. 

If you make a logical decision for your treatment and you explain it to the patient, and it does not work, the patient is going to be far more forgiving because they were in on the plan. 

Saying, 'I'm doing it this way because this what I learnt at university' is not a logical reason for choosing a treatment plan. 

Explaining your logic will also allow you the ability to change your reasoning, and patients will accept this. 

Failures Lead To Success

Experience and a large number of ongoing failures over many years will lead to a successful podiatry career.

"At university were taught failure is bad, but exams do not evaluate your true knowledge, they only evaluate your memory."

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