063 - Dr Peter Wishnie The Podiatry Business Solution

If you want a successful podiatry business, you need to look after your team, WOW your patients and have well thought out systems and processes that work flawlessly in the background making sure everything comes together as it should. Few do this better than Dr Peter Wishnie from New Jersey, USA.

Peter is the owner of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, and is the author of The Podiatry Business Solution - Everything You Need To Know To Flourish In Your Podiatry Business.

He was also my guest on the Podiatry Legends Podcast, Ep 003 - Goals & Practice Management

On this episode we also discuss:

  • The recipe for success
  • The importance of a vision and mission statement

"Give your patient a better quality of life; your team will buy into this. Don’t talk about the millions you want to make, that's not motivating". 

  • Organisational needs
  • Speed of delivery
  • Customer service and how to WOW your patients
  • The importance of hiring upbeat, positive people, and avoiding being understaffed.
  • You cannot function efficiently without adequate staff

"Your business growth is limited by what you have. The number of staff and number of rooms. You can't expand beyond your resources". 

  • Patients will not come back if they have a terrible experience. 
  • Paying attention to the small details and getting the basics right. Every major problem began with smaller parts.

"Yes, your business needs marketing, but if you can’t WOW your patients you’re wasting your money". 

  • Creating systems and processes
  • The most crucial business system to work on first
  • Why you need a GREAt website

Final Tip

The biggest mistake you can make is when your business is doing exceptionally well, and you take our eyes off the prize. You take your foot off the pedal and think you can coast.

Instead, figure out what gave you the successes this month, this year and don’t take your foot off the gas. Leaders never take their foot off the pedal. 

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